Thumbay Hospital: The Seat of Quality Healthcare, Medical Education & Research

Dr. ThumbayMoideen, Founder PresidentThe human body, a marvel and a mystery, has been the subject of study by medical practitioners since time immemorial. Since aeons, human beings have been studying the human body and consequently medicine to treat the various ailments that afflict human beings. From the early days when the Greeks introduced the concepts of medical diagnosis & prognosis to today, when massive advancements have been made in the field of modern medicine, the world of healthcare has come a long way. Known to be an ever evolving field, education and research form an integral part of the healthcare industry. Making giant strides in amalgamating quality healthcare, disease based research and education is Thumbay Chain of Hospitals - one of the largest healthcare providers in the Middle East/GCC region, owned and operated by Dubai-based multinational conglomerate Thumbay Group.

Headquartered in Dubai, Thumbay Hospital is part of the Gulf Medical University Academic Health System, the first private academic health system in the region. As a chain of academic hospitals, Thumbay Hospitals have always functioned by interlinking medical education, healthcare and research. Thumbay Hospitals and Gulf Medical University together trains close to 20 percent of the doctors and 60 percent of the healthcare professionals in the UAE. With state-of-the-art facilities in the Emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain in the UAE, and Hyderabad in India, Thumbay Group’s hospital and clinic networks are focused on delivering high quality healthcare at affordable costs.

" Thumbay Group is keen to play a central role in facilitating advances in AI, which is in line with our strategic vision plan which envisions growth and innovation across all our businesses "

Disease Focused Research Endeavours
There is a general lack of disease-specific research across the Middle East/GCC. Having understood that the Middle East/GCC has a unique profile of disease predisposition due to genetic factors and stressful lifestyles, Thumbay Hospital is working steadfast to conduct disease specific medical research. Prior to fine-tuning its research program, the hospital carried out a strategic planning exercise and identified the most common ailments affecting the residents of the UAE. The hospital thus focuses its research efforts on thalassemia & sickle-cell anemia, inborn errors of metabolism, diabetes, heart diseases, genetic disorders, anti-biotic drug resistance and allergies.

The specialized research is conducted through the Thumbay Hospital network, which is part of the Gulf Medical University Academic Health System. Situated in Ajman, Thumbay Medicity houses one of the region’s leading private medical university, the Gulf Medical University. Additionally, this healthcare hub is also home to Thumbay Dental Hospital, the first private dental hospital in the country and the largest academic dental hospital in the Middle East region’s private sector. It also has Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital, the largest state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital in the region.

All Thumbay Hospitals are Academic Health Centers of the Gulf Medical University Academic Health System (GMUAHS), which gives them the unique advantage of having the expertise of doctors who are also academicians and researchers. Students at Gulf Medical University are exposed to clinical practice and research quite early on and most doctors at Thumbay Hospitals are also teachers and researchers at GMU. “Doctors at our hospitals are also academicians and researchers, and are hence abreast with the latest developments in healthcare,” explains Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President, Thumbay Group.

Unleashing the Potential of AI to Power Healthcare & Medical Education
Keeping pace with the world of digital innovation and technological transformation is a key challenge for healthcare professionals and investors alike. Medical technology is developing at breakneck speeds, and hospitals and professionals have to act quickly and pragmatically to take advantage of its benefits. Furthermore, there is an increased focus on delivering improved patient outcomes and providing facilities, which considerably enhance patient convenience and cater to consumer preferences. The forward looking Thumbay Network of Hospitals ensures that it stays ahead of the technology curve by being among the first ones in the region to implement new technology and equipment.

The latest buzz word in the global tech work has been Artificial Intelligence(AI), and its role in the field of healthcare and medical education has only being growing by the day. Taking a keen interest in this area, Thumbay Group is making efforts to innovate in the field of AI. Leveraging the potential of AI, the Group has been working towards developing intelligent applications that can assist with diagnosis of disease, treatment recommendations, as well as data
management, improving online consultations, speeding up drug development, and improving doctor and medical student training. “Thumbay Group is keen to play a central role in facilitating advances in AI, which is in line with our strategic vision plan which envisions growth and innovation across all our businesses, particularly healthcare and education,” adds Dr. Thumbay. Thumbay Group’s IT company, Thumbay Technologies is thus venturing into partnerships with leading AI providers, to take this vision forward.

"Thumbay Group is presently going through a critical phase of expansion, both in terms of size and global presence"

Gulf Medical University(GMU) uses futuristic technology such as the Virtual Patient Learning (VPL)in teaching and training students. Developed by GMU in partnership with a Swiss company, VPL is a problem-based learning innovation in medical education, an AI based application, which greatly enhances the learning experience. VPL secured top positions regionally and globally at the 2017 Reimagine Education Conference & Awards in the US, last year. GMU is home to an advanced simulation centre called the 'Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare'(CASH) which uses simulation to train future doctors and healthcare professionals. All classrooms feature smart technology and students trained using advanced technology such as 3-D software, immersive technology and simulation. Furthermore, the advanced technology at Thumbay Hospitals ensure that students train on the most modern equipment and follow forward-looking standards and protocols, well-equipping them to pursue healthcare careers worldwide, as they graduate.

Keeping up with technology and practices in healthcare, Thumbay Hospitals have made the move from paper to digitalized medical records and thus continues to improve the efficiency across its hospitals and clinics. Additionally, they are also making efforts to enable AI-based disease diagnosis and remote patient treatment using Tele-medicine. At Thumbay Hospital, the use of cutting edge technology goes beyond being patient centric and features advanced teaching/training technologies.

Flourishing Medical Tourism
The rate at which the world population is aging and simultaneously becoming more affluent is unable to keep up with the availability of quality healthcare resources. Additionally the cost of elective procedures and healthcare in general continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, making healthcare inaccessible to a part of the global population. This factor has given rise to patients opting for cross-border healthcare options and thus the medical tourism industry has been growing at a rapid rate of 15-25 percent per year.

Having recognized the scope and potential of medical tourism, Thumbay Hospitals have been focused on attracting patients from across the globe. Considered the pioneers of medical tourism in the UAE, Thumbay Hospitals have been attracting patients from over 175 countries owing to its affordable and reliable healthcare facilities. “All our hospitals in the UAE as well as Thumbay Hospital Hyderabad attract medical tourists from around the world,” explains Dr. Thumbay.

In order to flourish in the medical tourism industry, the Thumbay Group has established Thumbay Medical Tourism(TMT), a medical tourism initiative focusing on marketing Thumbay Hospitals’ world-class healthcare services to international patients through innovative methods. One of the few hospitals with a full-fledged medical tourism department, its international accreditations and tie-ups are testimony to the high standards followed by the hospital. Keeping patients’ comfort at the fore, TMT also renders a large portfolio of travel and medical services to medical tourists and arranges on-demand translator services, accommodation services, customized treatment packages, preferred cuisine, travel arrangements, priority appointments, airport pick up & drop off, and more.

Thumbay Hospital has also been a partner in the Dubai Health Experience(DXH), the prestige brand conceived by the Dubai Health Authority(DHA) to strengthen the position of Dubai on the world map of medical tourism. TMT has established representative offices in 87 countries, giving further fillip to Thumbay Hospitals’ medical tourism ambitions.

Expanding Infrastructure & Manpower
In keeping with its long-term strategic plans, the Thumbay Group is presently going through a critical phase of expansion, both in terms of size and global presence. Already having built a full-fledged multispecialty tertiary care hospital in India, Thumbay Group has hospitals almost nearing completion across UAE, India, Qatar, Oman and Africa. Additionally, the Thumbay academic hospital network is looking to increase its capacity to 1000 beds in the UAE, 1500 beds in India and 750 beds elsewhere in the Gulf and in Africa. “Our strategies focus on building new hospitals and clinics at the same time expanding and updating the existing facilities,” explains Dr.Thumbay.

Furthering its endeavour to harbour quality higher education, the Thumbay Group will add Engineering and Management courses to the GMU’s roster of courses. The group also plans to open three new University campuses across three different countries. By 2022, the group will also add 25 Thumbay labs, 100 Thumbay pharmacies, 40 Zo& Mo Opticals outlets, 100 Blends & Brews coffee shops, 25 Body & Soul health clubs, and 50 NutriPlus Vita stores to its network.

The Thumbay Group is also focused on building a technologically advanced medical facility, Thumbay University Hospital Complex at Thumbay Medicity in Ajman. Considered to be the largest private academic hospital in the region once completed, the hospital is envisioned as a state-of-the-art, purpose-built 500-bed smart facility, part of the Gulf Medical University Academic Health System. The hospital will be equipped with modern infrastructure and will also focus on medical tourism. It will feature a special robotic pharmacy, a first-of-its-kind in the region, and will have quaternary care facilities. The hospital will also have a full-fledged radiology department with PET-CT scan, the maiden in the northern Emirates of the UAE. The hospital’s state-of-the-art laboratory will be connected to the central facility of Thumbay Labs via an unmanned chute, to offer highly specialized tests and diagnostic facilities.

Remedying the healthcare industry’s major challenges, i.e., need for quality infrastructure and manpower, the Thumbay Hospital is at the forefront of the global healthcare industry.

Key Management:
Dr.ThumbayMoideen, Founder President
A man of vision and dynamism,Dr.ThumbayMoideen established the Thumbay Group in UAE in 1998. Under his dynamic leadership, the group went on to achieve tremendous growth, and in the process, provided a means of livelihood to hundreds of families over the last decade. Known to be a formidable figure in the medical education sector, he laid the foundation of The Gulf Medical University(GMU), Ajman in January 1998, heralding the rise of a medical institution which would go on to become the pride of the UAE.The Thumbay network of academic hospitals are among the largest healthcare providers in the region.

Headquarters:DIFC, Dubai.
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