GOQii: A Holistic & Affordable Solution Ushering India Towards Healthy Lifestyle

Easy access to junk food combined with lack of awareness on their harmful effects have caused an explosion of various lifestyle diseases across all age groups, wherein 23.8 percent before the age of 45 years, 52.1 percent post 45 and 69.9 percent after 60, develop lifestyle diseases. Albeit even the remotest villages of India grapple with these diseases, but good health services are available only in affluent/larger cities. On the bright side, today common man has realized that lifestyle management is the only way to stay healthy and is even willing to pay for that rather than just find a cure for an illness.

Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii
Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO

As the Indian population is inching towards health trackers & digital health solutions, multiple players are attempting to leverage technology to create various solutions for weight loss, doctor consultation, health-related content and so forth, which will help masses have access to healthy living. However, all of these solutions work in silos and cater to only specific needs of consumers. Resultantly, users are unable to interpret the data collected over a period of time and implement these solutions to create long term changes in their lives.

Being India’s only holistic healthcare ecosystem, GOQii (est. 2014) adeptly addresses all these concerns by not only helping users create permanent lifestyle changes, but also catering to a gamut of health needs that a user might have, extending from doctors, coaches, diagnostics, communities, health content, on demand health videos, to health management services and health commerce. More than just a health tracking device or platform, GOQii is a health ecosystem that works in partnership with several entities in the ecosystem like insurance companies, banks, pharmaceuticals, health food producers and so on, to create integrated solutions. However, it’s the ease of use and the cost efficiency of its platform that has enabled the company to witness a massive traction in the industry. As evidence look no further than the latest IDC report which states that GOQii holds the number one position in the Indian wearable market.

Evolving Apace with Consumers’ Needs
GOQii’'s latest band 'Vital' is the first of its kind in India's wearable devices market to introduce a Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Sensor, in an effort to address India's fastest growing lifestyle disease, Hypertension (per estimates nearly one-third of India's population is likely to suffer from this disease, making it an epidemic). GOQii Vital can report both Systolic and Diastolic pressure with a good degree of accuracy, enabling users to detect hypertension in its nascent stage and seek treatment. GOQii has evolved from being a health coaching service to a preventive healthcare company. With its entry into the disease management space, GOQii is building a strong and 360 degree healthcare platform that is accessible for India’s masses.

GOQii’s unique consumer-centric approach sets it apart from the herd of healthcare technology companies that have built their modules solely from the hospital/clinic or government’s view. Having over 120 in-house employees, and a vast network comprised of over 1000 coaches and doctors, the company identifies users’ health goals based on the questionnaire they fill out when they join the platform and gives them a personal coach who is available at all times. This coach not only specializes in the areas mentioned by the customers but will also set health goals that will be tailor-made for that user.

Clearly grasping that lack of motivation and specific guidance from experts are the biggest roadblocks on one’s journey towards healthy lifestyle, the company helps people prevent and/or manage disease in a most engaging and efficient manner. Instead of constraining itself within the small circle of its health tracker (helps track certain habits that users adopt in their health journey), GOQii goes above and beyond to constantly evolve its platform by incorporating changes that gives priority to consumer needs rather than selling products off the shelf.

This explains how the platform achieves very high stickiness amongst its users. Furthermore, through the GOQii arena, the company allows users to interact, showcase health achievement and share experiences with each other. Through this arena, each GOQii user becomes a part of a larger GOQii ecosystem of over 300,000 players with a common goal to stay healthy, which inspires users to stay on the course without giving up halfway.

Nothing highlights its success better than the fact that Harvard Business Publishing platform has picked GOQii as a case study within such a short period of its establishment, and the student community is looking at GOQii’s success as a benchmark for their
management program. “It was great working with academicians who were keen to translate our innovations into a format for young students to understand and gain from. We hope that through the case study, we are able to create strong leaders for the future,” shares Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii.

The Overarching Ecosystem
Corporate engagement is no more just a one time ‘feel good’ aspect, but a long-term result & data-driven project adopted by corporates nationwide. GOQii works with numerous corporates across India, who have realized the benefits of having a healthy workforce in terms of increase in performance as well as the monetary benefits. Be it corporate users or individual users, the company rewards them for adopting a healthy lifestyle by allowing them to earn GOQii cash, a virtual currency that can be redeemed at the GOQii health store.

Serving as the most fitting example that showcases the company’s endeavor to expand into several business verticals for catering to every health need of its users, the health store makes healthy food akin to organic food & healthier snacks available to users within the app at a lower price. The platform endows hundreds of health food producers (even from remote areas of North like Kashmir, MP, North East India & interiors of southern India) with direct access to a customer base who are willing to buy their products.

"GOQii is a way of life and not just a product or solution. We see ourselves as partners to our users on their journey to living a healthy lifestyle."

GOQii also powers GO ACTIVE, an insurance product sold by Max Bupa that incentivizes users with lower renewal premiums, for adopting healthy lifestyles. The company makes an impact with the combination of sophisticated tech platform and human intervention, where in it not only dynamically manages consumers’ health, but also helps them in improving it by making sustainable lifestyle changes. “Healthy consumer needs to get benefit of being better risk and lower claim, while unhealthy consumer need to start their journey toward healthier lifestyle,” remarks Vishal. Having partnered with insurance and pharmaceutical companies in India, GOQii is compliant with all regulatory aspects, including HIPPA.

Though globalization is increasingly informing us of all the problems faced by humanity today, we aren’t doing much to bring about a social change in our very own little ways. Firmly believing that ‘Karma’ should not be a ‘by the way’ activity but be a part of our daily lives, GOQii enables its customers to earn good Karma, besides being healthy and fit. The GOQii Karma built into the activity of the player allows a player to generate Karma points as he/she walks (one point for every 390 steps) that can be donated to charity. “The entire health industry has recognized our value proposition and is working with us to create a healthier India,” shares Vishal.

Leveraging the smartphone revolution, GOQii’s platform helps people connect with doctors & health experts across India at the click of a button, thereby making health information easily accessible and thus attainable. Besides offering GOQii Play, an on-demand health content platform that provides consumer health related information, its ecosystem also encompasses a Digital Health Locker, which helps users maintain their historical health data; thereby making it possible to make accurate changes and adopt healthy habits that will have long term impact on their lives. Outside the digital world, the company also engages with its users through its property ‘Active Sunday’ that is led and nurtured by GOQii users who intend to create a health movement across India.

Walking the Talk
‘Permanent Shift in Lifestyle’ being the mantra chanted by all of its stakeholders in unison, GOQii’s health experts and lifestyle doctors strive to make healthy living as a way of life for all users by helping them achieve health goals that can help them prevent illnesses or manage diseases. The technology team constantly analyses user needs and over time has built a platform that intuitively caters to the health needs to every individual user. And the company practices what it preaches. GOQii employees use their trackers, eat healthy food and work towards their health goals. In fact, their engagement levels on the app plays a vital role in their performance review as well.

The company that specializes in heartcare and diabetes has also been experiencing a massive traction in its health commerce platform and cancer care in the recent months. Constantly innovating to create a healthier India, the company aims to touch a user base of 10 million in the next three years. “GOQii is a way of life and not just a product or solution. We see ourselves as partners to our users on their journey to living a healthy lifestyle and will continue to expand our ecosystem to ensure that every health need of our users is met,” concludes Vishal. Judging by the company’s innovative spirit and increasing level of awareness among individuals & organizations, it is clear that GOQii is well equipped to cater to the health needs of an evolving India and will maintain a tight hold on its throne.

Key Management:
Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO
A fitness aficionado who enjoys running Marathons, Trekking & Sky Diving, a national level volleyball player and a regular invitee as a speaker at key industry and entrepreneurial session, Vishal is one of the selected few of PM's Champions of Change. Forged a reputation as the Father of the Indian Gaming Industry through India Games – a venture he founded when he was 16, Vishal earned a spot alongside noted people like Steve Jobs in the ‘Top 50 executives in the mobile content space’ by the UK based 'Mobile Entertainment' Magazine.

Offices: California (Headquarter) and Mumbai

● Holds the no.1 position in the Indian wearable market as per latest IDC report
● Won ‘Best Fitness Band Of The Year Award’ at Device World Leadership Awards 2017
● Start-p to become a case study for Harvard Business Publishing-ISB