Stress - An Approach Using Ayurvedic Therapies

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“Stress as a scientific concept suffers the misfortune of being too widely known and too poorly understood,” Hans Selye. Stress is one of the most common mental experiences & it is surprisingly difficult to define. Scientists say that stress is a mental force, which impairs normal stability, balance or functioning.

The following example may make it easier to understand. A strong wind might alter the balance of a suspension bridge, so that the bridge swings from side to side. People may not even notice the gentle swaying as they move across the bridge. But as the wind increases, the swaying of the bridge becomes more obvious. Although this swaying makes people uncomfortable & anxious, it is actually the way by which the bridge copes with stress of the heavy wind. If the bridge did not sway at all, it’s supporting structures will feel the force and become brittle overtime and more damage would be the result. If the strength of the wind increases drastically, so that the tensile limits of the bridge are exceeded, the bridge could actually collapse.
Picture in your mind, as wind over the bridge as Stress over your life. The force of the wind is felt as a strain on the bridge and its supporting structures. As this strain slowly accumulates overtime, bridge becomes weaker. Various circumstances, through which we go through in our life causes mental fatigue or mental strain. As this strain accumulates, it makes our mind weaker. A weak mind is again challenged by situations, which makes it more fatigued and tired. After a while, even small disturbing situations may induce an unproportionately - large stress response. Symptoms of stress starts to appear on both mental and physical planes. The vicious cycle goes on until, you put a break.

"We should help our self by finding some time to break-out of the vicious circle and do something good for improving your physical condition of your body"

According to Ayurveda, it can be correlated mainly with the accumulation of vata, when this becomes regular, there might be an aggravation of vata. There are Ayurveda therapies mentioned in the texts which are effective in subsiding vitiated vata and cure it.

Texts describe, two types of approach towards curing an illness - Sodhana & Shamana. Shamana is a combination of therapies, where the principle is to bring doshas back to equilibrium, by working on the dosha which is vitiated. It requires an Ayurveda consultation, through which the predominant dosha is identified and a series of treatments are performed, which include therapies like Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Warm poultices, Warm Oil drench, and others. These help in relaxing & conditioning your body and mind. These therapies help in bringing back deranged vata to its normal state. The second option (i.e., Shamana), would be to opt for therapies like Nasyam, Vasthi, Virechana and others, these purificatory therapies remove the underlying causes from their roots and purify the system. The choice of the therapies can be decided after a consultation with the Ayurveda Doctor. It would be a better choice to approach a physician who is skilled in handling these health concerns.

We are so busy caught-up in our life that we forget the importance of taking care of our body. So help yourself by finding some time to break-out of the vicious circle and do something good for improving your physical condition of your body, which makes your machine last longer and perform efficiently.