A Salute to the Frontline Corona Warriors - Doctors

For us Indians, we equal Doctors as God. On the occasion of National Doctors Day, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also saluted them and tweeted ‘India salutes our doctors – exceptional care givers who are at the forefront of a spirited fight against COVID-19’.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals have been our frontline warriors during this pandemic. Despite the deadly pandemic killing lakhs across the world, India is still doing much better in terms of containing the disease. Thanks to the doctors, our recovery rate is one of the best in the world which is nearly 60 percent. We couldn’t have achieved this without our frontline warriors.

While people across the globe are advised to stay and work from home, doctors are out on the field serving their country and protecting their people. It is not that they are immune to COVID-19. By end of May, 2020, we have lost 31 doctors and three nurses to COVID-19. Their fight isn’t limited to the hospitals and wards. When the world was still trying to learn about this pandemic, many doctors were a part of the medical teams sent by the Indian government to various parts of the globe to air lift its citizens.

A doctor’s struggle is two-way. While we are at safe distance from coronavirus when at home, the threat of doctors catching the disease and infecting their families are high. Hence many doctors have given up going home and even meeting their family and have shifted to solitary accommodations. Even their families were attacked and some asked to vacate their rented accommodations. How humane!!!

On the other hand, they have managed treating this contagious diseases when dealing with the shortage of PPE and other necessary safety equipment, long working hours, and violent act of some patients. Doctors knowingly walks into the grave danger when they enter the badly impacted locations to screen people for possible symptoms. But sometimes, they are welcomed with stones. Few doctors & healthcare workers, especially female, were misbehaved where few were spat at and attacked by the patients in the hospitals and COVID centres. Regardless of this, they never took a step back from performing their duty.

Despite the pandemic stretching the healthcare services, doctors have not lost their focus. When we complain of long working hours and try different measures to deal with our stress and anxiety, doctors do not have time to think about it even when a patient’s death takes away a part of their soul.

As rightly tweeted by a doctor from Australia, ‘I’m a Dr. I’m about to separate from my family within my home for ?? months. So that I can keep treating you, whilst trying to keep my family safe. It hurts. No hugs from my girls, no cuddles from my partner. PLS socially distance NOW, to make my sacrifice worth it’. This rightly sums up every doctor’s pain.

But are we doing enough for them? Think about it!

Long live Doctors!