Zealous Services: Providing End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Services

Vijay Raj,Founder-Director

Vijay Raj


The Indian healthcare industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation due to a transitioning coding system amidst changing regulations regarding value based care and increasing pressures on healthcare providers to improve patient care while simultaneously lowering the costs. In light of these transformations, revenue cycle management(RCM) has become a fundamental component to master for all healthcare providers, starting from one doctor private practice clinics to multi specialty hospitals. However, the failure to optimally prioritize RCM and revenue collection efforts can halt growth, increase operational risk, and create an uncertain financial future.

Zealous Services, a leading healthcare BPO services company, not just manages the entire revenue cycle starting from a patient’s admission to the hospital, treatment and discharge to post discharge claims and accounts settling, but offers more. It increases cash flow, lowers bad debt expenses, improves patient satisfaction with streamlined services, as well as reduces operating costs and boosts productivity. Its unique combination of healthcare expertise, innovative technology and highly skilled professionals yield cost and operational efficiencies that are among the most favorable in the industry.

Zealous offers a gamut of services, including healthcare services, medical records sorting & categorizing, indexing & bookmarking, comprehensive medical summary, independent medical evaluation (IME), clinical summary/peer review and medical scribing. Along with this, the firm also
proffers end-to-end RCM services, starting from patient access, billing & claims management, payment posting & rejection process, account receivable(AR) management to denial management & analytics. Zealous not just thoroughly examines each claim for precise data, but also implements complementary correlated steps to ascertain timely & optimal payment while optimizing client’s cash flows.

We strive to work with 40 percent of certified coders team and thus guarantee 98 percent more accuracy and compliance

Dedicated Workforce

On the flip side, its team of highly qualified A/R professionals deploy customized approaches to the accounts receivable based on age, insurance type and dollar threshold that significantly accelerate timing & collection for physicians. With its open AR technology platform, Zealous seamlessly transition clients’ accounts with no impact to cash flow, whereas the platform always maintains claims between 30/60/90 days, and settles 5-10 percent in 20 days.

In order to keep employees & processes in compliance with regulatory compliances, Zealous conducts monthly HIPAA compliance test and frequently upgrades its experts on recent industry standards. “We strive to work with 40 percent of certified coders team and thus guarantee 98 percent more accuracy and compliance,” avers M. Vijay Raj, Founder & Director, Zealous Services. Being ISO certified & HIPAA compliant, the firm has planned strict measures towards data security, wherein the production teams are restricted from using their mobile phones and every employee has to sign an NDA.

Innovative by nature, Zealous is coming up with its own software which will not just facilitate doctors/ hospitals to preserve patient details from their first visit for future references, but will also give them realtime status of each claim, enabling fast settlement of claims without much hassle(can be availed by patients upon sharing of access). “Some doctors are still in the old age period and don’t prefer software; so migrating them is our biggest challenge. To overcome this, we are planning to educate doctors on various benefits of software like saving time, preserving patient data for future, time reduction in payments, and others,” adds Vijay.

With offices in Chennai & U.S.(Zealous Healthcare Services), Zealous is looking forward to expand its business in Philippines and level-II cities of South India (Vellore & Trichy). The company that started with just five staff, today has 2500 employees and aims to swell this number to 5000 by 2022.