YOGAVILLAGE: A Space of Mystic Illumination

Rama Buddha,Owner & Founder

Rama Buddha

Owner & Founder

It is believed that yoga was originated in India as a method for the betterment of a community rather than the self. However, the techniques and practices of yoga eventually has changed drastically. Somewhere along the path, its true nature has also deteriorated pertaining to a huge gap in the knowledge of yoga and meditation among other techniques. YOGAVILLAGE, understanding the core essence of this and the value of yoga started its journey in 2000, as one of the first yoga teacher training institutes in Goa. The institute is located right on the beautiful beach of Arambol surrounded by tall coconut palm trees and scenic view of blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Significantly, the institute is a Registered Meditation and Yoga School under the Govt. of India. And, it is approved Yoga School by Yoga Alliance (RYS 200) USA and Yoga Alliance International. The institution is working in partnership with the New Consciousness Meditation& Yoga Centre. Expanding to the newer horizon, today the institute offers a program in Goa, Dharamsala, Rishikesh, and Pune. Needless to say, they have students from all across the globe.
And, the inspiration behind YOGAVILLAGE is vividly based on the global village idea, which aims to bring people together from around the world, irrespective of their background. More than anything, the institute believes in common commitment to spirituality, creativity, healthy, peaceful and celebratory way of life.

YOGAVILLAGE offers a range of programs including Yoga Teaching trainings and courses, meditation retreats, Reiki healing training, asthanga yoga, tantra workshops, massage training, dance and painting class amongst others

Rama Buddha, Owner & Founder, YOGAVILLAGE, who comes with more than 25+ years of experience in yoga and meditation, says “Our organization stands for a multi-faceted, holistic and in-depth practice of both yoga and meditation. The focus of our teaching of these disciplines is not on the mere transmission of practical and theoretical knowledge, but rather on promoting a deeper understanding that addresses deeper parts of the being, and which can take those who are receptive to it towards the state of no-mind, the space of mystic illumination or enlightenment.”

Basic Yoga Teacher Training– Aerial Yoga
At present, YOGAVILLAGE works
with a range of well qualified international teachers, where they offer a range of programs including Yoga Teaching training and courses, meditation retreats, Reiki healing training, ashtanga yoga, tantra workshops, massage training, dance and painting class amongst others. In addition to this, today, YOGAVILLAGE is popularly known for its flagship offering, 'the 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training course', where the aspirants learn to analyze how to teach and practice the techniques learned, to structuring classes as well as understanding the business aspects of yoga teaching. Also, another interesting program is the ‘Aerial yoga’, Anastasiia Moshnikova, International Trainer, YOGAVILLAGE, explains “It is a dynamic deep opening practice that will greatly enhance any sporting activities. This is good for personal growth, which requires no practice and classes, and can be trained within a week time.”

The Expansion of YOGAVILLAGE
Promoting Yoga to the next level, the institute has built an ecosystem of professional trainers, who are teaching yoga and meditation across the globe. The name of YOGAVILLAGE is just foraying to places with just the word-of-mouth publicity. In the coming years, the institution is said to reach newer milestones each passing days. “We are offering the low-cost, accommodation, special healthy food, and yoga trainer courses, all under one single roof. We will make sure to continue this, and build a community of yoga trainers, and will start teaching outside India” concludes Yogi Prem, Yoga & Meditation Trainer, YOGAVILLAGE, on a strong note.