YogaPeace: An Indulgence That Brings Peace & Smile on People’s Face

Dhakaram Sapkota,FounderYoga is a practice that recharges the body with cosmic energy and brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind. Dhakaram Sapkota, a passionate learner and a dedicated guru, is a prominent personality who lives this divine art of Yoga. As a young boy, he was very much indulgent in the physical activities and spent much of his time exercising, learning karate and sports. However, yoga earned a special place in his heart, as it helped him to channelize his energy and also improved his ability to focus. But it was his meeting with Shri Suraj Karan Jindal Sahib in early 1990s that developed in him a deep passion and love for yoga.

He accompanied his guru to places like Pondicherry and Kanpur and attended many conferences & seminars. He even won several awards and certificates in various yoga contests. As his inquisitiveness in yoga deepened with time, he started teaching yoga to a small group of people in 1994. Initially, he took classes in several institutes, community centers, and parks for free, since he wanted his students to experience the bliss of yoga, the way he did.

YogaPeace Rooting
Looking at his engrossment and dedication in yoga, Sharat Dhakad Dhakaram’s dear friend and a fellow student of Shri Suraj Karan Jindal Sahib, prompted him to start a yoga studio of his own. Dhakaram with his years of experience as a trainer and a family to raise considered this idea and established YogaPeace in 2006 to spread this knowledge and train more people in a properly structured institutional platform. The institution kick started the practice in the ground floor of his friend Rahul Mangal’s apartment, which he generously offered Dhakaram for free.

Today, YogaPeace is connected with more than 91,000 people through a range of
workshops and coaching classes conducted worldwide. The credit can be conferred to his unique teaching method that has empowered thousands of people to change their lives. YogaPeace’s programs include Regular Yoga, Advance Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Partner Yoga, Meditation, Therapy Yoga, Slimming Program, Fitness Yoga, Corporate Yoga and Yoga Certification Courses(Level 1,2and3), amongst others.

“Our trainers are certified yoga instructors who have the skill as well as warmth that makes the entire healing process efficient and effective,” proudly says Dhakaram. While many yoga institutes limit themselves with only physical fitness, YogaPeace provides a customized therapeutic session (using props like bricks, chairs, ropes, belts, boxes and others) which gives relief to the patients suffering from chronic ailments(like asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, arthritis and others). “Yoga is and should always be an indulgence that gives peace,” delineates Dhakaram.

Our trainers are certified yoga instructors who have the skill as well as warmth that makes the entire healing process efficient and effective

To reach the mass audience and cater to the needs of people of all age-groups from all walks of life around the globe, he organizes various workshops, camps and seminars, along with free sessions in schools, colleges, senior citizen homes, orphanage, central jails, hospitals and other places.

YogaPeace is also associated with various corporates like J.K. Cements, Intelli Smart Softech, Vipul Motors, Living Group of Hotels, and many more. “In the future, I intend to build a Yoga Rejuvenation Centre accommodated with different compounds for various types of yoga, and greenery everywhere. Here, people will heal, trainers will acquire skills & knowledge and above everything else, people will experience health and happiness!” concludes an optimistic Dhakaram.