Yoga Vignana Kendra: Authentic Traditional Yoga Institute

Sri Jagan Guruji,FounderThe journey of Yoga Vignana Kendra (YVK) dates back to 1994 when Pujya Sri Jagan Guruji took his first yoga lesson from Rishi Prabhakar Guruji, an aeronautical engineer and a scientist turned saint. During this period, he had skin and chronic issues, which was cured in a week’s time with the help of yoga. In fact, the traditional yoga techniques not only helped him lead a healthy life but transformed his life once and for all. Most importantly, the psychological inspiration such as leadership management, responsibility towards country and society further inspired young Jagan to do more.

“Initially I had a notion that yoga was only for health purpose, but as time progressed, I noticed that it changes everything; including your attitude, behaviour, and mindset,” states Sri Pujya Jagan Gurujii, Founder, YVK.

Turning yoga to one’s advantage, YVK over the course of 25+ years understands that a lot of people face mental problems more than physical issues. Therefore, they believe that yoga is the only solution, as it has the ability to detect any sort of mental illness and cure it effectively. Sri Jagan Gurujiiremembering his early days
as a teacher says “Nobody used to care about Yoga. Most of them used to criticize me for pursuing it. Today, the scenario has completely changed. More than 1000+ people come to my centre each day. And, people themselves have realized the importance of practicing yoga. Yoga is definitely one of the best ways for promoting good health and good life...”

Education is not about producing leaders. It is all about getting employed to ourselves,” says Sri JaganGurujii

Accessible Yoga for Everyone– Creating a Better World for All
Smitten by providing traditional practice methodologies, YVK offers a gamut of yoga techniques, which includes partner yoga (BeejaSamskar), pregnancy yoga(GarbhaSamskar), and post-pregnancy yoga (SishuSamskar) amongst others. Also, the institution provides family counselling therapy that enriches relationship, understanding, and strengths family bonding. On the other hand, in the corporate space, the institute conducts corporate yoga sessions and workshops, where the employees are trained to handle stress, and increase productivity, time management, and effectiveness among other benefits.

In addition to this, YVK predominantly is known for its Grameena Udhyama activities, where they teach yoga to farmers to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Further more, the institution under takes school projects on a
monthly or yearly basis, where they teach students and teachers different levels of yoga. For those who seek further assistance, YVK also provides weekend residential programs for students of all age group. Also, they provide certification courses recognized by Govt. of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, which includes Level 1 (Astanga Yoga), Level 2 (Hatha Yoga), and Level 3 (Mano Yoga) certifications.

Foraying towards newer milestones, the institution takes massive pride in helping people through their social responsibilities(Seva),which includes activities like feeding the hungry (Anna Siddhi), helping poor students to study (Akshara Siddhi), promoting the consumption of millets and organic foods(Amrutha Aharam), and un-employment amongst others.

In fact, many of the educated youths at the moment have become yoga teachers, where they are training and teaching yoga. “Education is not about producing leaders. It is all about getting employed to ourselves,” says Sri Jagan Gurujii, motivated.

More to Come
Based in Hyderabad, YVK has interesting things planned ahead for the future, which includes mobile yoga vehicles, a door-to-door personalized yoga therapy classes focused on villages and govt. schools. Sri Jagan Gurujii further elaborating the roadmap ahead of YVK, concludes, “We are planning to expand to Atlanta, New York, and New Jersey in the coming days, as there is a huge demand for our traditional yoga teachings.”