Yapan Bio: A Collaborative Partner for Vaccines and Biologics/Bio-therapeutics Process Development and Manufacturing

Atin Tomar, Co-Founder & CEO,Nirav Desai, Co-Founder & COO

Atin Tomar, Co-Founder & CEO

Nirav Desai, Co-Founder & COO

The biotechnology sector in India has perceived rapid development in the recent years and stands to be a preferred destination for biopharmaceuticals to manoeuvre and innovate effective services and products. The prodigious and diverse complexion of the industry has stimulated the interest of many highbrows who decided to turn the window of opportunity this space extends. The founders of Yapan Bio, Atin Tomar and Nirav Desai, comprehended the prospering potential, scope and the demand of the biotechnology-based services and products and settled on the plan of laying the cornerstone of Yapan Bio. The core purpose of establishing this firm is to serve the expeditious inflating custom process development and manufacturing market concerning the Vaccines and Biologics/Bio-therapeutics. "Our niche ability lies in the customized, flexible and integrated solutions for the successful development and manufacturing of high potential biotechnology based products like vaccines (Recombinant Vaccines including Protein antigens, Virus Like Particles, Nano-Particles; RNA/DNA Vaccines and others) and Biologics/Biotherapeutics (Gene Therapy - Oncolytic Viruses; Vectors - Viral, Non-viral Plasmid etc along with monoclonal Antibodies, therapeutic proteins and other complex biologics). Our facility also includes Bio-Safety Level 2+ suite to develop and manufacture high containment product classes. These capabilities have for sure empowered us with a significant advantage," narrates Atin Tomar, Co-Founder & CEO.
Among the handful of Custom Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) focused on biological products, Yapan Bio stands out to be the only biotech firm that manoeuvres in the niche and high potential areas of Vaccines and Gene Therapy. Yapan Bio pioneers in strategizing and executing the entire product development path-way required for successful development and manufacturing of innovative and novel products. Yapan Bio provides robust process development, appropriate scale-up and complaint GMP manufacturing of vaccines and biologics/bio-therapeutics for human clinical trials across the world.

Yapan Bio stands out to be the only biotech firm that manoeuvres in the niche and high potential areas of Vaccines and Gene Therapy based product development and manufacturing

Considering its true form, the company has moulded a team of highly experienced experts who hold remarkable credentials in the research, development, and manufacturing of biotechnology products, among other disciplines. Apart from just formulating innovative approaches, the team supports its partners to craft pertinent development plans and documentations for developing novel products as per global quality and regulatory expectations. Established just a year ago, Yapan Bio has created a niche for itself in the ecosystem. Despite of being in an advancing stage, the company has embarked on the development of a novel recombinant vaccine for a US based innovative biotechnology company. In the first financial year, it did witness a remunerative revenue growth, with a positive EBITDA. "The advancement of Yapan Bio is a product of unique synchronization and the hard work of our team in the denouement of the vision of our company. We are recognized as 100 percent Export Oriented Unit (EOU), MSME and Start-up by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. We strongly support Make-in-India and India as prime destination for services and manufacturing of biotechnology-based products. Contemplating over the overwhelming increase in the demand of our development and manufacturing capabilities, we aspire to steer our operations in devising additional capacity and capabilities for development of innovative products that suits the needs of global biotechnology/biopharma companies," states Nirav Co-Founder & COO. Yapan Bio was recognized as "The Company To Watch Out For" at the 4th Annual Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2020 (Singapore).

The company displays every sign of future potential where it intends to expand its capacities and capabilities in different verticals so as to seize constructive opportunities that will eventually spike up its overall growth.