X-Ray House: Taking Modern Diagnostic to the Rural & Semi-Urban India

Dr. Ritesh Prajapati,Founder, Medical Director & Chief Radiologist

Dr. Ritesh Prajapati

Founder, Medical Director & Chief Radiologist

Plenty proposals to scanty initiatives to prioritize health issues in India led to poor health facilities in rural and semi-urban areas. Though 70 percent of the population reside in the rural and semi-urban areas, 80 percent of healthcare professionals inhabit the urban grounds, leading to lack of even primary imaging facilities. To address this gap, Dr. Ritesh Prajapati (Founder, Medical Director & Chief Radiologist) launched the first spiral CT of Anand (Gujarat) in the year 2004 and founded X-Ray House (a unit of Roentgen Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.) in 2006. Today, X-Ray House is a ‘Complete Radiology Hub’ where it houses 3 Tesla MRI with Compressed Sense Technology (first-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia), 1.5 Tesla MRI, Multi Detector CT Scan, 4-D Sonography, Color Doppler, Echocardiography, Digital X-Ray, Bone Mineral Densitometer, Mammography and OPG. With headquarter in Anand, X-Ray House has four sub-centers facilitated by 1.5 T MRI, MD CT Scan, USG & Digital X-Ray at Borsad, Petlad, Dakor and Godhra townships of Gujarat. It also delivers In-House Multi detector CT scan service at Anand Orthopedic Hospital and IRIS Multi-speciality Hospital at Anand.

Believing that technology can boost the fragmented and mend the fractured rural healthcare, X-Ray House banks on teleradiology to spur investments in high-end diagnostic in smaller towns. Its AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) permitted mobile Digital X-Ray Van (Radiation proof) with 300 ma X-Ray machine, Fuji CR system and laser film camera treats the four rural suburbs of Gujarat. It further plans to implant more radiology facilities to the tribal areas.
Serving through Experience & Technology

As one of the leading diagnostic centres in Gujarat, it has a dedicated & experienced team of radiologists headed by Dr. Ritesh and his team of seven radiologists, including Dr. Hiral Shah & Dr. Shwetang Solanki, and is equipped with latest high-end machines providing reliable imaging for precise diagnosis, thus prompt recovery. “The healthcare environment is changing rapidly, and imaging is at the center of many of these changes. We at X-Ray House are committed to excellence in providing state-of-the-art radiologic care with advanced imaging technology and service to our patients and referring doctors,” adds Dr. Ritesh.

With the help of 3 Tesla MRIs (Philips Ingenia), X-Ray House can successfully host few more critical applications like quantitative assessment of brain in patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and trauma. It can even measure cardiac quotient, liver fat, non-contrast perfusion or perform Whole body MRI and Whole body Metastasis screening. Apart from the sought-after 3Tesla MRI services, orthopaedics and neuro imaging is minded by 1.5 Tesla MRI in various centers. The highly advanced 48 slice CT, which requires 40 percent less radiation dose, performs whole body angiography, Perfusion CT and Dental CT scans. Micro controller based mammography largely contributes to pre-diagnosis of breast cancer while the bone densitometry scans are handled by fully loaded BMD machine (GEDEXA prodige) with utmost precision. These promising attributes further accentuate the quality of radio diagnosis provided by X-Ray House.

We at X-Ray House are committed to excellence in providing state-of-the-art radiologic care with advanced imaging technology and service to our patients and referring doctors

Maintaining the technical competence and providing proper ailments to the visiting casualties is a herculean task, but Ramesh Variya and his team handles it like a pro. X- Ray House provides promising facilities like 24x7 ambulance service and expert care handling with proper reception and guidance at a really low cost. “We believe that patients are the motive for existence of X-Ray House, and providing them courteous and compassionate radiology services of highest quality is our main goal. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of patient care and safety,” assures Dr. Hetal.

X-Ray House maintains PC PNDT standards, and has recently applied for NABH accreditation. While the compound annual growth of the organization has reached 25 percent and above, X-Ray House targets to unroll more establishments in the near future.