Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre: Delivering Holistic Personalized Care to Ascertain Successful Pregnancies

Dr. Mamta Dighe,Medical Director & Founder

Dr. Mamta Dighe

Medical Director & Founder

In an ideal world, the journey of parenthood should be joyous to everyone. Unfortunately, it is not a walk in the park to some. One such couple who had undergone 12 IUI cycles and three failed IVF cycles at various other centres, approached Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre, a Pune-based hospital (Centre) dedicated exclusively for infertility & related services including IVF. Due to the decreased Ovarian reserve (less number of eggs in the Ovary), despite ovarian stimulation, the patient could make only one egg during each of her previous IVF cycles, thus resulting in failure of all her previous IVF cycles. Identifying the need to increase egg numbers in order to produce better quality embryos, Xenith put her through the appropriate ovarian stimulation along with a combination of diet, exercise and pre-medication. This approach helped in retrieval of six eggs with which she not only conceived in the very first IVF cycle at Xenith but also had remaining embryos frozen for her subsequent pregnancy if desired. “We’re a single speciality clinic offering highly specialized care blending modern medicine and holistic care to deliver one of the best success rates in IVF at par with Global Standards,” elucidates Dr. Mamta Dighe, Medical Director & Founder, Xenith. This bootstrapped fertility centre vests emphasis on the success rate & quality of care, rather than just the number of IUI/IVF cycles performed, which explains its impressive 70-75 percent pregnancy rate in IVF.

Ask Mamta about this excellent rate, and she points to the army of experts working at Xenith who hold the best qualifications & capabilities available nationwide as of today. Dr.Mamta herself is one of the startlingly few Board certified fertility practitioners in India and was in fact one of the first Doctors in our country to get Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine. During her tenure as a Director of IVF at a reputed multispecialty hospital, she realised that patients are not comfortable being just a number and require personalized care approach. Records of cases where Xenith has helped patients to conceive either naturally or through much lesser forms of treatments besides IVF, when they were advised IVF by several others, are found in abundance. “Being an IVF specialist does not always mean that every patient is put through an IVF procedure. Our clinical excellence lies in choosing the right treatment plan for every patient. ” remarks Mamta.

The unique factor that contributes to the fast spreading fame of this hospital is the best in class Doctors, modern medical infrastructure and personalized holistic care approach. True to our tagline ‘Fertilize Your Dreams’, we relentlessly work towards spreading the happiness of parenthood amongst our patients.

High-Tech Facilities Spearheaded by Experts
It’s no secret that the IVF lab forms the backbone of any fertility centre and the lab’s quality is directly proportionate to the quality of results it produces. When it comes to its lab & equipments, Xenith endeavours to be on par with the world’s most renowned centres and matches global standards. Unlike most other clinics that don’t even have a dedicated male infertility workup & treatments, Xenith has a separate unit for male infertility with a dedicated Andrologist(a sub-speciality of Urology focused on male reproductive aspects) who can perform intricate surgeries. Xenith also has an operating microscope for dexterously performing micro-surgical procedures(picks sperms directly from testis in a better manner)- an equipment no other single specialty hospital in Pune can boast of.
Xenith’s IUI process involves giving the right medications to the women to get them to make 2-4 eggs in a cycle and insert the semen sample(washed up for better fertilization capacity)into the woman’s uterus, once the eggs are ready. Creating life out of human body, Xenith’s IVF process starts with stimulating a woman’s ovary with drugs to enable her create 10-14 eggs, which are extracted out of her body and sent to lab immediately for incubation. “This is where a good IVF lab makes the difference and the expertise comes into play. One has to be extremely quick and use proper instruments to ensure that the egg is not exposed to the outside environment at all,” explains Mamta.

The unique factor that contributes to the fast spreading fame of this hospital is the best in class Doctors, modern medical infrastructure and personalized holistic care approach

The intricate procedure of ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), involves creation of an embryo by injecting the sperm inside the egg with a highly specialized machine. When the fertilization happens, Xenith grows the proper embryos in the lab for three to five days, after which it is inserted back into the woman’s womb. “Since many times we have surplus embryos and insert not more than two back into the womb, we freeze the rest to use them in case the inserted embryos don’t stick the first time or even for a second pregnancy,” adds Mamta.

Xenith encapsulates everything under infertility care right from Infertility Diagnosis (covering all the required tests & investigations), IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination), IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), Embryo Freezing and many more. Let me demonstrate its diagnostic prowess with the anecdote of a woman who had been struggling with infertility for six years, as many hospitals misdiagnosed her case as the untreatable bicornuate uterus and left her in the lurch. Fortunately, Xenith figured out that she had a Septum, a rectifiable condition that seems very similar to a bicornuate uterus. After undergoing a surgery at Xenith, she conceived in four months with an IUI procedure.

Comprehending that clinical excellence alone is not enough to cut it in these times, Xenith takes it up a few notches by on-boarding highly experienced, rigorously trained embryologists, who quickly understand the nuances of gametes. In fact, their eyes can even differentiate a good quality sperm/egg from an abnormal one before it is too late – a clairvoyance that allows them to utilize the best sperm/egg for the fertilization process, nurture their development cautiously and deliver good quality embryos time and again.

Overarching Services with Holistic Approach
Xenith also offers dietary advice via in-house nutritionist, yoga & meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, sound healing and patient support workshops to bring down the stress level immensely and instil positivity all the way down to subconscious level for taking them closer to their goal, as opposed to most allopathic doctors who ignore these aspects. “Our patients tell us that coming in here has solved half their problems. They’re much more open and positive towards receiving treatments. We’re small enough to care and big enough to deliver,” adds Mamta. The hospital also runs a sexual health clinic side by side to assist couples (especially those with travelling stress) having problems in this area, since it goes hand-in-hand along with infertility. The centre has been successfully performing umpteen number of egg freezing services and also transpiring them into pregnancies, which is a relatively new procedure that it accomplishes in a much better manner than other centres.
Aside from being on top of currently available technologies to uphold quality & patients’ safety, Xenith also performs proper documentation of patients’ gametes and ascertains that one embryologist & a clinical staff is always available in the lab to monitor them. Imbued with immense experience and rigorous training, Xenith’s team practices safety in every step of the way, whether it’s about ascertaining that there’s no over excessive stimulation or having a backup anaesthesiologist in the operating room. “We clinically & medically nullify the side effects for patients as much as possible,” proclaims Mamta.

It is this relentless passion for delivering high calibre fertility care that thrust Mamta to alter the formulaic way and launch this niche venture in 2015. Many people strongly advocated against (in fact, some ridiculed) her idea of commencing exclusive infertility practice right off the bat at such a young age, as they believed that it would be impossible for her to get a slice of pie without having a obstetrics & gynaecology practice on the side. Nevertheless, she was determined not to let go of her dream and built a top-notch team at a vehement phase. Addressing the dire need for a specialized fertility centre offering holistic care not only facilitated her to hold ground but also steer it towards an upward growth trajectory of replicating Xenith centres across Western India in next 3-5 years with a like minded management team, as the strings to her bow.

To keep its people abreast of latest technologies & trends, Xenith not only mandates its embryologists to go to two conferences annually and its nurses to routinely attend CMEs conducted by nursing associations, but also ensures that they take part in the in-house IUI & IVF training programs, which are imparted to many doctors and clinical staff from other centres as well. The centre meets all statutory requirements for IVF Practice and is also currently in the process of attaining ISO certification.

New Zenith's to Touch
Even in today’s modern world, it’s quite complicated for several couples to leave their homes/villages for infertility treatment. As patients from all over Western Maharashtra are gravitating towards the centre, Xenith understands this issue and has hence embarked upon upgrading the skills of the local doctor fraternity in delivering basic infertility treatment. Xenith also plans to roll out its satellite clinics across Maharashtra and complement local gynaecologists’ practice, wherein it would train these doctors & support them remotely through video conference for basic infertility treatment and bring them over to its state-of-the-art laboratory at Pune for the final intricate part of the procedure.

Xenith has already made a fierce foray into the markets of Middle East and Africa through local tie-ups, wherein the patients come to Pune, India just for final lab work. Having reached rarefied heights within a short span of time, Xenith is dedicatedly working towards its carefully charted out growth map to endow its xenos (guests in Greek) to achieve the zenith of success.

Key Management
Dr. Mamta Dighe,Medical Director & Founder
Mamta is one of the first Board Certified Specialists in Assisted Reproduction in India and has been successfully performing exclusive infertility practice for over 19 years. Prior to Xenith, she launched the IVF centre at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and served as its Director of IVF Facility.

Services: IUI, IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst Transfer, Egg/sperm/Embryo Donation, Gestational Carriers & Surrogacy, Sperm/Egg/Embryo Freezing, Fertility Enhancing Surgeries, Counselling, Male Infertility Treatment and Nutrition Program among others

Offices: Wakad, Pune, India (Headquarter) and Law Collage Road (Satellite Office)