WOW Mind and Behavioural Clinic: A Humanitarian Approach towards Mental Health Care

T. Dilli Babu, CEOThe social stigma attached to the mental illness doesn’t allow people to visit mental health professionals to seek help, rather keep suffering. Additionally, the costly treatment and consultation forces them to take a step backward. Carving out an initiative through innovative approaches for Mental Health Intervention, training & educating people on various mental health issues, T. Dilli Babu (CEO, WOW - Mind and Behavioural Clinic), an M.Sc. in Psychology, left his practice to provide affordable psychology services to promote mental health. “We run lot of campaigns to create awareness in schools, colleges and community to help people overcome the stigma, discrimination & problems related to mental health,” avers Dilli Babu.

The WOW Factor
One of these innovative approaches is the 365 Degree Mental Health for all program that aims at early intervention & access to affordable mental health care at a yearly cost of Rs.365 (a rupee a day). “We started this program in 2017 and have 750 registered members today
enjoying benefits of 10 percent discount on medication & 24 consultations from well qualified doctors & trained professionals and life skill trainers,” says Dilli. WOW wants to run this program on a mass level in schools, colleges and corporate with direct approach to psychologist for support in emotional disturbance and other life skill issues.

: One of these innovative approaches is the 365 Degree Mental Health for all program that aims at early intervention & access to affordable mental health care at a yearly cost of Rs.365

This Chennai-based clinic offers psychiatric consultation, counseling, psychotherapy and special education that caters to lifestyle issues, relationship issues, and behavioural issues through psychological/psychiatric interventions. Distinguished from other psychotherapy clinics and hospitals, WOW provides home visits, ensuring right environment & caretakers to help them. Believing that therapy, counseling & care aids faster recovery than technology & medication, the professionals do not put patients under medication unless it required.

With best qualified and licensed psychiatrists & professionals
assisted by volunteers, interns and neighboring communities, WOW strives harder each day towards betterment of the society and people. These volunteers and interns pay services to the clinic in their own area of expertise and are rewarded with WAVE (wellness army volunteering excellence) awards based on their contribution to mental health mission.

Furthermore,‘Say I Can Win’ initiative brings in people together who had in the past encountered mental health issues, and talk on how the community, family and care takers support in the phase of challenges plays a crucial role in uplifting them. This has inspired many to think differently on handling their wards, and parents and care takers who put in extra efforts to help their wards back to being healthy are awarded with ‘Parenting Excellence award’. WOW’s yet another event called ‘Brain & Mind Reading” engage all stakeholders in reading and discussing various psychology books within the group which helps people to open up and speak about their issues if any.

Seeing that not many people are comfortable to visit psychiatrist or psychologist, the clinic is on its way to offer virtual counseling rooms as a gateway to professional help where they can refer them to professionals. WOW wants to introduce virtual counseling room at school, college, and corporate level with 100 percent privacy via individual ID’s (accessible from home for one-to-one counseling).