Vtsky Aviation: An Excellent Air Medical

Vikash Beniwal, CEO,Dr Kalyan Singh Beniwal, Director

Vikash Beniwal, CEO

Dr Kalyan Singh Beniwal, Director

Quick and timely attention is the core ethos of every medical emergency. Giving consideration to which healthcare centers arranged ambulances equipped with all medical provisions to secure patience's survival chances. On the contrary, the task of conferring emergency medical cares to patients are often intermittent because of the over crowded streets and the congested roads. In a day, countless number of ambulances across the globe are sighted to be caught in a slow moving traffic. Ergo, this is a matter of great concern as many patients succumb to death as these vehicles do not reach on time. Mulling over the solemnity of this set of circs, experts concocted the idea of availing aircrafts for transporting medical facilities to the patients and conveying them to the healthcare centers. This strive has extremely boosted the services of the emergency medical services, leaving an astonishing impact on the survival rates of the patients.

This door has not only opened positive chances for patients but has proffered an opportune scope for innovators to demarche into an ethical and lucrative venture. Many visionaries have explored the domain and furnish top air emergency medical services to the sick and injured at the right time. VTSKY Aviation is one such company whose air ambulance services have created a perpetual impact in the industry. The company is brought into existence by industry aces who shared a similar objective of enhance the efficiency of the aviation industry in the matter of extending on time medical services to patients, indemnifying lives that have met unforeseen catastrophe. "Calamities or any unfortunate accidents may occur any time to anyone and no one stop it. But we can definitely draw up solutions to address these situations. Taking into consideration, the traffic scenario we have in our country as well as other countries, we decided to put in place an aviation organization that puts aircrafts and trained attendants to provide first aid to the patients and enable their easy shift to the most suitable hospitals," says Vikash Beniwal, CEO, VTSKY Aviation.

The Out-of-the-box Services Offered
Considering the type of ecosystem the company aims to thrive in, the initiators have observed the essentials and developed the most suitable services. The company takes note of three basic circumstances or essentials .i.e. Quick Travel for Patients, Latest Equipment Fitted Air Ambulance and Global Coverage. Each of which talks about three different situations patients are usually caught up with considering their health conditions, needs and situations For people who are not in the condition to shoulder the any kind of journey be it land or commercial flights, VTSKY Aviation make provisions for the most comfortable and quickest option which is air ambulances services. The company pays acute attention to the aspect and the seriousness of the mishap. It may be so that the patients require immediate and effective medication at that very moment, or the patient is being conveyed is in a critical state of health.

In such cases, the company has come up with the idea of furnishing the every light, medium and heavy jets with the latest, top-quality and efficient medical machineries, along with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) amenities as well. Furthermore, it has not kept its services confined to India, in fact the company's benefits are endows to people across the globe. Its international network of offices facilitates people with local knowledge on global scale. In the main, it installs all instruments as per the sick or injured person's need. "Before coming up with any services we surveyed about the needs and situations in which patients apprehended in. Based on which we measure up the solutions and services we want to offer. From local to international and from patients with minor injury to the ones with critical health, we have made necessary arrangements for everyone. Our aircrafts are embellished with basic as well as exhaustive healthcare devices and medicines that include ICU too. Trained attendants and professional doctors are assigned to attend the infirm, so that basic treatment are maintained and provided without any failure," he apprises.
Apart from air ambulance services, VTSKY Aviation holds expertise in other spaces as well such as Chartered Flights, Ground Handling Professionals, Specialized Flight Operation, Aviation Training and Aviation course counseling. Its 24*7 availability is its strong suit.

How does the Company Operate
The company is MCA registered and has on board a team of qualified MBBS, ANM & GNM nurses and doctors. It observes and qualifies the norms introduce by DGCA. It observes a straightforward working method and caters every case with extreme solicitude. Any kind of urgency, is first studied and under-stood in depth, based on which the doctor who is already monitoring the patient is contacted. It is under the supervision of the doctor that other important medical arrangements are conducted. Time to time coordination with healthcare experts, monitoring the aircrafts, timely arrival, advance ambulance booking and traffic clearance are some of the major activities the company successfully carries out. Referring to this he adds, "We make sure that patients who approach us do get the best suiting service. And to do so, we instantly get in touch with the doctor to know the medical history and derive records of the patient. Know the patient in and out is important; it helps us to set out particular medical apparatus. Through VTSKY Aviations, we intend to confer on time services and safe people from unnecessary chaos and difficulties."

The Upward Scaling
With over 65 dedicated and adroit members I the team, VTSKY Aviation has grown in leaps and bounds. In a span of two years, it has transported more than 100 patients. It has so far collaborated with 15 air ambulance partners. Its brilliant execution of task and performances has earned it the great reputation and trust of families, hospitals, and dignitaries in and around the world.

VTSKY Aviationis MCA registered and has on board a team of qualified MBBS, ANM & GNM nurses and doctors

Marching towards the Future
Bearing in mind the scenario of air ambulance services in India, VTSKY Aviations is all set to bring huge transformation within the ecosystem. Incorporating all the latest technology and medical advancements, it is intending to establish an air hospital that treats medical emergencies at a lightning speed. Besides, it also aims to coordinate with more hospitals from different countries, invent aircrafts meeting specifications of the remote areas and design other aviation and healthcare facilities.

Vikash Beniwal
With a strong experience in the airlines/aviation industry and holding dexterity on line maintenance, avionics, aircraft maintenance, airlines, and flight safety spheres, vikash has been resolving and innovating methods to keep the aircrafts upgraded and at the best condition. In vtsky aviations, he has been availing his knowledge and expertise to equip the air ambulances with top-notch amenities to facilitate patient transportation.

Air Ambulance Services
VTSKY Aviation provides jets, turboprops and helicopters enhanced with medical devices to transport the sick and injured. It offers an array of aircrafts suitable for medical evacuations and transportations.

”Bearing in mind the scenario of air ambulance services in India, VTSKY Aviations is all set to bring huge transformation within the ecosystem”

Charter Flights
Dispenses jet charters to business professionals with the objective to their time and efficiencies. The aircrafts has the capacity and flexibility of working in tight schedules with access to private terminals.

Ground Handling Professional
The company is ardently delivering on time ground equipment and passenger services safely, assisting them to ameliorate their bottom line with competitively priced ground handling services.

Specialized Flight Operations
It connects travellers to the world by creating relationships, transforms the overall experience of traveling.

Aviation Training
With the passion of enhancing knowledge, understanding, skills and practical competence, the company is proffering aviation training cources and consultancy services.

Aviation Course Counseling
It has been dispensing a wide range of aviation courses that can be listed as Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant, and Pilot Training.

Dr Kalyan Singh Beniwal
An MBBS degree holder from one most reputed medical universities in India, King George Medical Univerisity(KGMU), Lucknow, Kalyan has been marching towards redefining the approaches of providing healthcare facilities in the country. As the director of the company, he has play a vital role in systemizing the services proffered by the VTSKY