Vileda Professional India: Powering the Future with Sustainable Innovations

CRG Prasad,Sales Director

CRG Prasad

Sales Director

When it comes to healthcare-safety and hygiene, it is crucial to maintain high standards. All of us look for a trusted partner in this matter to ensure reliability and efficiency. Imagine a company that could give you 100 percent material competency and steadfast products with a blend of prowess innovation. The first that comes to anyone's mind is the Germany-based company Vileda Professional - A global technology company that strengthens its customers and society long-term through forward-looking innovations.

Healthcare, Hygiene & Beyond
Having strength of innovation, strong customer orientation, diversity, and team spirit as the cornerstones, the 170-year-old company has 16 divisions of business incorporating 430 independent units. Together with its partners, customers, and research institutions, the Group develops cutting-edge technologies and excellent products for about 40 markets including medical products and the most modern cleaning products.

Vileda Professional is part of the Group that develops innovative products and services worldwide. With over 48,000 associates around the globe and a global network of R&D facilities, it supports customers from material and design optimization to mass production of finished medical devices.

As a global partner, it offers critical advantages such as an exclusive focus on medical device and pharmaceutical markets, a full range of services from development to final assembly, unrivaled lean manufacturing expertise, long-term orientation, and much
more. It also gives an ISO 13485 certified quality system and FDA registered sites in North America and Europe.

Vileda Professional India was ideated in 2009 as a joint venture of Gala Brush, Mumbai, and Vileda Professional India and Cleaning Solutions, Weinheim - Germany. With Vileda Professional being the most popular brand of the Group in India, the company manufactures innovative professional cleaning tools for various application areas especially for Healthcare, Hotels, HoReCa, Schools, Corporates, and Enterprises. It is present in all leading modern trade outlets and also distributed in the general trade/grocery stores via a network of over 250 distribution partners.

Stating about the USP, CRG Prasad - India Sales Director Professional says, "We are the leader in the market. Our products are made of the finest material in the world i.e. virgin plastic, microfiber based on Evolon Technology, which is making our product most durable and cost effective. We introduced the Pre-Prepared Swep System first time globally in the industry in 1984, which is helping to minimizing cross-contamination to Zero and improving HAI to the extent of 99.99 percent. Our Swep Duo MicroTech mop can be used up to 900 washes. This system gives an edge in the reduction in the cost of cleaning to 50 percent. Our most product comes with color coding to prevent cross-contamination."

The Flagship products of Vileda Professional India helps to remove 99.86 percent of Bovine Coronavirus from surface without chemicals

Vileda Professional is the only company to test on Bovine Coronavirus with MicronQuick wipes, Micron-Solo wipes, and MicroOne Premium Mop, the products have removed 99.86 percent of Bovine Coronavirus from the surface without chemicals.

The flagship offerings remove the virus or residue up to 99.99 percent and can be used multiple times, NanoTech Wipes- Silver particles are embedded in itself to kill germs and bacteria with-out using chemical with a durability of 500 washes, MicroOne Premium Mop- powerful disposable mop can remove viruses and bacteria up to 99.99 percent without using chemical. Mira Clean-instant problem solver for pen marks, PurActive-scourer with scratch less results on Glass, Steel and Ceramic, Vertical press Double Bucket Push Trolley, VoleoPro Trolley- a compact trolley with a footprint of half a square metre and easy to maneuver. It gives 6 months to 1years of warranty on tools. With innovation and continuous improvement as the key objective, the company always assures the commitment to excellence in innovation and quality of products, processes, and services. The 10.00 billion profit brand proves longstanding partnerships with our customers with Financial Stability and Long-term Orientation.