Vernon Skin & Hair Clinic: Healthy Hair Ensured with Advanced Treatments that Comes along with Guarantee

Dr.Brahmananda Reddy,OwnerThe recent case of a Chennai-based medico losing his life to hair transplant surgery conducted by a hair transplant centre created much hullabaloo among people. The 22-year-old died as a result of multiple organ failures triggered by an allergy to anesthesia. Reports also confirmed that the medico was lured to get the surgery by offering 50 percent discount. An instance like this is a great eye-opener and also points out the oblivious nature of patients. Cautioning against such fraudulents, Dr. Brahmananda Reddy (Owner, Vernon Skin & Hair Clinic) enlightens, “Comprehending that cheap is not always the best, cross-checking the qualifications of the doctors, ensuring a healthy surgery setup, and going through past-patients results, form the checklist before going for a hair transplant”.

Under the aegis of Dr. Brahmananda, an internationally qualified hair transplant & cosmetic surgeon, Vernon Skin & Hair Clinic(VSHC)was ensconced in 2013 to render the best, safest,and most advanced hair treatments at par with
International standards.Dr. Brahmananda prides himself on being a member of Hair Transplant Research & Survey and Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery. Winning laurels at a very young age of 29,he keeps updating himself and his team by studying, researching, innovating, participating, and implementing all new things.

The clinic’s hair treatment surgery comes with a guarantee of 20years as Dr. Brahmananda personally supervises the surgery in his sterlized operation theater

Best & Safest Hair Solutions
Weighing quality over quantity, VSHC limits the number of patients it attends in order to understand their complete history by giving them enough time (at least 30 to 50 minutes) to address all the issues. Thus, with a detailed study and good explanation, it sorts out all the problem of its patients without jumping into treatment right away. Bestowed with the Most Prominent Hair Transplant Surgeon Merit award, VSHC believes in doing more and promising less.

Taking up all its endeavors as an opportunity to make someone's life better, VSHC deploys its advanced triple combination treatment where the patients under go laser treatment for 45 minutes followed by PRP
treatment that involves injecting Platelet Rich Plasma, which is rich in growth factors and peptides which strengthens the root, post which Stem cells are also added to the treatment for extra benefits (non-surgery process). Unlike other clinics that concludes surgery as the only option, VSHC recommends it only when medication and PRP is no solution to their existing dilemma. The clinic’s hair treatment surgery comes with a guarantee of 20years as Dr. Brahmananda personally supervises the surgery in his sterlized operation theater.

To counter any emergency during the course of treatment, VSHC conducts a detailed study before surgery to ensure that the patient is fit by carrying out blood test, organ test and heart condition, post which a thorough research is done to check if the medication provided to patients will suit them. Depending on the patients's calp condition and the number of grafts required, VSHC decides on either Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)or Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT).It further enrolls for one-year free consultation, free visits and also helps patients with counseling services.

With equipping its clinic with the most modern technologies and machines, and following a no compromise attitude towards serving patients, it is no surprise that VSHC is set to grow three to four-folds in a year. The clinic also looks to expand to new cities, co-brand with other clinics, and spend more resources in R&D, and ultimately to render the most advanced treatment to people.