Vardan: Enhancing Human Body's Mobility, Postural & Movement Strategies with Functional Manual Therapy

Prachi, CEO

Although the practice of electrotherapy dates back to history when Hippocrates used electric fish to cause numbness, not all types of pain retort to this process of treatment. Not only its impact is ephemeral, but also causes ample side-effects. Enabling the huge population of patients, who doesn’t need surgery but are unable to manage pain with medications, to elude these electro modalities is Vardan, a non-profit welfare initiative of Times Group. The clinic brings a unique and effective treatment system that focuses on the optimum performance of the human body by enhancing body’s mobility, postural & movement strategies. With its Functional Manual Therapy (FMT), an integrated evaluation and treatment system, developed by its technical partners Gregory S. Johnson and Vicky Saliba Johnson, the clinic brings a unique & comprehensive approach to address pain. The duo possessing their own educational centre called Institute of Physical Art’s (IPA) has also trained Vardan’s therapists leveraging their combined clinical experience of 75 years.
What segregates Vardan’s FMT from other therapy? It blends mobility treatment with neuromuscular facilitation (ability to initiate right muscles at right time with proper strength & endurance) and motor control (the ability to effectively produce coordinated postural & movement strategies). Hence, it fuses, synthesizes & assimilates all aspects of physical care. The therapy is offered in one-on-one sessions and includes joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release and neural mobilization. The therapy is followed by a supervised therapeutic exercise of 45 minutes duration. Thanks to these ground-breaking therapies, Vardan has deciphered complex musculoskeletal & neuromuscular dysfunctions and has received virtuous appreciations from thousands of its patients.

Encompassing Human Body
Following a holistic methodology, Vardan offers customized treatment after the patient’s comprehensive evaluations, wherein every tissue & movement pattern are evaluated to find the source of pain and cure is offered accordingly. For instance, if decreased mobility is the source, Vardan utilizes Functional Mobilization to effectively trace, isolate & mobilize restrictions found within the concerned area. For delicate bodied patients like children/elders, the clinic refers to go for therapy exercise rather mobilizing, thereby not impacting their delicate body. This system gives patients a new lease of life
and helps them to regain optimal efficiency.

Addressing limited mobility that impairs an individual’s function and ability to automatically & efficiently control habitual activities,Vardan's Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stimulates the entire core muscular nature of the affected organ. Imported from the original centre of walleye in California, this treatment restores the efficiency of joint mobility, soft tissues, viscera & neurovascular structures. Going an extra mile to improvise the postural alignment, Vardan’s treatments also involve outdoor activities, wherein patients perform the exercise in both weight & non-weight bearing positions. Vardan even educates them through videos, photos, articles, talks, and more on proper postures to improve their consciousness & awareness at the grassroot level.

Utilizing these treatments, Vardan eliminates headaches, migraines, neck, thoracic, low back, pelvic, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, foot, ankle, abdominal and other pains. The clinic also deals with post-surgical care & rehabilitation, scar tissue management secondary to surgery & trauma, and osteoporosis. It also offers acute care for muscular-skeletal injuries to prevent chronic pain and reduce tissue damage, and for cancer patients who have reconstruction surgeries. The clinic that serves every member of the society (children, sports people, homemakers & senior population) also offers services for would-be mothers covering their gynaecology spectrum.