Vani Speech Therapy and Hearing Aid Centre: An AvantGarde Speech & Hearing Center

Decade back, when speech disorder was considered a social stigma and there was no room for authorized speech therapy centres with qualified & certified therapists, Dr. Vishal Mehra(Director), an audiologist & speech therapy pathologist, established Speech Therapy and Hearing Aid Centre as a complete speech care solutions center. “While working with ENTs, many times I had to compromise with speech patients’ time & dedication. Hence, I opted for developing an exclusive center of speech & hearing in 2007 and thus casted Vani along with my wife Dr. Sonal Mehra in a small chamber at an under construction building,” narrates Dr. Vishal. The aspiration to deliver quality & affordable speech therapy treatment with personal touch, and overseeing the age & social constraints has been dual motives behind launching Vani. The clinic today offers avantgarde diagnostic and therapeutic speech, language and hearing facilities to infants, adults, and the elderly population.

Being an industry expert, Dr. Vishal has been successful in pointing-out the loop holes in the audiology industry and has been able to implement processes with the needed rectifications. The primary problem detected by him was the unawareness about speech related problems and their therapies. Vani not only educates & counsels individuals & families regarding acceptance & adaptation, but also assists them in knowing about what’s what of the industry. Recalling initial days, Vishal avers, “In the very first month of Vani, the center had just two cases of speech therapy due to the lack of awareness & acceptance. During those days, if a child or a grownup adult doesn’t speak or suffer with simple misarticulation & stammering problem, parents leave it on time/age to get rectified”.

Why Vani?
Since inception, this Jabalpur-based
organization has been maintaining aptness and perfection in every endeavor, be it diagnosing, treating or giving better suited hearing aids. Apart from screening, consultation, assessment & diagnosis, treatment, intervention, management, counseling, and follow-up services, Vani implements augmentative & alternative communication
Dr. Vishal Mehra, Director
techniques & strategies. However, its discreteness lies in treating adults, wherein it selects, fits, and establishes effective use of prosthetic/adaptive devices for communication (including voice therapy, stammering & hearing impairment), swallowing, and other upper aerodigestive problems.

Vani discreteness lies in treating adults wherein it selects,fits, and establishes effective use of prosthetic/adaptive devices for communication, swallowing, and other upper aerodigestive problems

Endowing comprehensive and proficient rehabilitation services & cochlear implants, Vani today stands proudly as a one-stop-center for speech & hearing disorders(speech, language, language processing, pre literacy and language based literacy skills). This audiology rehabilitation and speech therapy infirmary's practices are modeled by certified audiologists & therapists whereas all its services & products are of global standards. Vani is a power of strength to all those who live through speech & hearing quandaries. “Our strength is generated from our commitment for our customers and ourselves. We toil to grab 100 percent customer satisfaction by imparting highest quality speech & hearing care,” concludes Dr. Vishal.