Ursugar: An Innovative Digital Platform to Improve the Quality of Care of Diabetic Patients

Palaniappan Narayanan,Co Founder & CEO

Palaniappan Narayanan

Co Founder & CEO

Owing to the rapid digitization and internet penetration, the healthcare sector has introduced some revolutionary amendments assisting the patients significantly across the globe. India is recently witnessing a significant increase in the use of healthcare applications driven by various factors such as growing population, increased rate of urbanization, rising number of cell phone users, improved and affordable connectivity. In a developing country like ours, lifestyle diseases are on the rise. These diseases need a holistic treatment and support ecosystem including all stakeholders to manage the conditions. The niche services like lab collections and home immunizations are on the rise as customers venture out lesser after the pandemic attack and customers often think twice before venturing out to the store, let alone clinics that could be hotbeds for the infection to spread. Contributing to the needs of the patients remotely on a virtual platform, Ursugar has gained wide recognition with a needs-based position that provides a differentiated product only for diabetes.

Ursugar is focused on utilizing product technology innovation as a pivot to develop new offerings that can adapt to changes in the industry and consumer preferences. "We as a company aim to be the unmatched global leader in improving the quality of medical care and improving everyday life of
patients by enabling healthcare provide to deliver the best experience. As everyone begin to work from home and adopt a technology-friendly ambiance, online consulting is going to be a more natural form of therapy as people embrace the new normal. The challenges are abundant starting with behavioral inertia, slowing GDP growth that inhibits wage and employment growth, shortage of quality medical education systems, healthcare institutes, doctors, beds and healthcare professionals in general. There is no shortage of operational effectiveness or red ocean product development, in a country like India. We are incubated in the Healthcare Technology Innovation Center at IIT Madras Re-search Park. We are therefore able to leverage the knowledge benefits that come through the research collaboration with some of the brightest minds in the country," says Palaniappan Narayanan, Co-Founder & CEO.

Ursugar has productive and efficient ways to maintain the standard of care and the quality of treatment while transferring best practices to benefit the patient remotely. Some of the features offered usually come together in unison to create a coordinated fit of offerings that keep the patients engaged by directly benefiting their journey to better health. These include health and diet tracking, direct line of communication with the Doctor, continued customer support and chatbot services, health and life-style notifications, planning reminders, educational insights, incentives and rewards for keeping a healthy streak going, door to door delivery of drugs and remote monitoring of health data. Ursugar enables a virtual doctor's clinic with access to all the clinic services swiftly to handle one of the widespread diseases of India, in terms of demand and requirement of constant monitoring with the highest standard of care.

Focused on developing innovative technology offerings to carve out a niche across industry segments Ursugarhas offerings across customer segments in the healthcare and just like any other company strives to make an impact as an early mover/innovator. "Our ability to deliver improving diabetes management practices continuously is the outcome of a well-thought combination of patients and friendly features of our doctors. Our team has a diverse skillset in technology, analytics, digital solutions and Business fundamentals. Another most important and under-rated factor is industry background and mentorship. We have access to a large network of doctors and health-care industry relationships that gives access to knowledge and skills which benefit us significantly. Our mentors have a proven background in the industry and so do the founders of the company who share complementary skills in Business, Healthcare and digital capacities," signs off Palaniappan Narayanan.