Unihealth: Transforming Healthcare Services Beyond Geographical Boundaries

Dr. Akshay Parmar, Co-Founder & MD,   Dr. Anurag Shah, Co-Founder & Director

Dr. Akshay Parmar, Co-Founder & MD

Dr. Anurag Shah, Co-Founder & Director

The UNIHEALTH - UMC Hospitals Group is a healthcare provider committed to delivering quality and affordable healthcare services to all. The Group provides services across multiple verticals of the healthcare industry, having a presence in operations & management of tertiary care hospitals and medical centers, providing consultancy services to set up healthcare facilities, distribution of pharmaceutical and medical consumable products, facilitating medical value travel and redefining health-tech services for the benefit of its patients.

The Group has established a formidable presence in regions where access to healthcare has been scarce, bridging the healthcare gap and doing so at an impressive cost-efficiency. With tertiary care hospitals in Uganda and Northern Nigeria, and a soon-to-be-commissioned 100-bedded hospital and state-of-the-art medical consumable manufacturing unit in Tanzania, the group aims to commission and operate 1000+ operative beds by 2025, revolutionizing the healthcare landscape in under-served geographies.

The changing landscape of the industry presents unique opportunities for hospitals that are keen to innovate and adapt to changing patient needs, leverage technology, and provide high-quality, cost-effective care with a greater emphasis on value-based care.
UNIHEALTH’s forays into new-age domains like health tech and advanced diagnostics like non-invasive prenatal tests and gene studies, coupled with well-thought initiatives in skill training, are sectors with immense opportunities for growth in the coming decade. The Group also provides comprehensive solutions and consulting services, resulting in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship within the organization and for its partners, associates, and clients in India and Africa.

The Group strives to build an institution that prioritizes patient care above all else & promotes a culture of inclusiveness & compassion

At the heart of UNIHEALTH’s mission is a deep-rooted commitment to inclusiveness and compassion. The group understands that quality care is not just a matter of advanced technologies and cutting-edge procedures it’s about treating every patient with dignity, respect, and empathy. UNIHEALTH is more than just a healthcare provider it’s a beacon of hope, shining a light on a brighter future for patients and providers alike. The Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation is driving a wave of positive change across the industry. UNIHEALTH is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by delivering quality and affordable services to all, and its expansion plans across Africa and India will contribute to creating a robust healthcare ecosystem that ensures people have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services.

The group believes that adapting to advanced & nextgeneration technologies is crucial for the development of the healthcare sector as it has the potential to succeed in the provision of numerous benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and the healthcare ecosystem as a whole. The Group aspires to play a critical role in contributing to the healthcare sector globally in the coming years.

UNIHEALTH - UMC Hospitals Group is dedicated to providing quality and affordable healthcare services to all. The Group strives to build an institution that prioritizes patient care above all else and promotes a culture of inclusiveness and compassion focused on the ethos, ‘Where Care Comes First’.

Dr. Akshay Parmar, the Co-Founder & Managing Director of UNIHEALTH - UMC Hospitals Group says, “Building a robust healthcare ecosystem requires collaborations across various verticals of the industry. I strongly believe that healthcare providers, payers, policymakers, and other stakeholders must come together to identify and tackle healthcare challenges, share best practices, and promote innovation”.