TSM The Safety Master: Prioritizing Safer India Better World for All

Sanjeev Paruthi,    FounderOver the decades, as industries became more popular and essential for manufacturing processes, the number of accidents caused due to lack of safety measures have also increased. Realizing the need to impose safety measures in all industries, several legislative measures were taken all over the world. Decades later, there still exists a gap in the required safety measures in different industries and those actually in place. TSM The Safety Master Pvt Limited is an established Safety Consulting, Training and Product company, advocating the need to install proper safety measures across all industries. Founded in 2017, this robust organization, full of young innovative minds aims to revolutionize the way industries look at and implement safety procedures. They provide complete solutions to industries, helping them in various aspects of total safety consultancy and safety culture transformation by providing end to end expert help in Process Safety, Risk Management, HAZOP, Process Hazards Analysis, Process Safety Management, HIRA, Behavior Safety, Safety Audit, Electrical Safety, Fire Risk Assessment, PPE Supply, Safety Software, and Learning Management System.

Serving clients from varied do¬mains including Oil and Gas, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, FMCG, Chemical, Mining, Logistics, and Buildings, The Safety Master strives to provide the best customized and cost-effective safety solutions to all clients. As a safety consultancy and training company, its priority is delivering the most effective safety services and products to its customers. The firm mostly serves industries that are at high risk of witnessing accidents and loss of human life as a result of the lack of proper safety measures in place. They believe that all members of an organization, starting from
the newest employees to the highest person in charge, must be aware of health and safety risks pertaining to their particular industry and how to tackle those risks, should they occur. By learning this only, can a workplace be considered safe for all. Not only is this a social requirement but is mandatory by law.

Making Safety Reach to all
The Safety Master combines latest technological advancements and develops their products and services to be costeffective, while still maintaining their high end quality. Currently, they are working to include Artificial intelligence and Safety Management software development through technological advancements to make their services and products to have a state-of-the-art quality.

Their team of young professionals is dedicated to providing new solutions to all the clients, which are customized to their individual needs. In order to fulfill their vision of “Safer India Better World”, the company is prioritizing not only providing the best safety solutions, but even creating the understanding for the need of these solutions in the working space. Keeping up with the digital advancements and aligning their goals with that of Digital India, TSM The Safety Master Private Limited is also integrating digitization processes in their safety solutions services and products.

With a multitude of services and products under their belt, TSM The Safety Master Private Limited is steadily marching towards the full filment of their ultimate vision which is to “see TSM The Safety Master Private Limited as a globally recognized organization, delivering its Services and products through talented people and the use of the latest technologies with Safety, Efficiency and Quality & value for its customers, partners and society at large.” In their effort to serve the people, TSM The Safety Master Private Limited asks customers and clients to get in touch with the team and send in any inquiries so that safety of human life can be ensured.

With the safety management market being an ever growing one, TSM The Safety Master Private Limited only expects a continuous growth in their future. With the ultimate goal of expanding internationally, they are keen on coming up with new strategies and policies and expand their business based on through research and strategic sense. They have offices in Gurgaon, Bhiwadi, and Surat currently serving more than 400 customers in just four years, received many customer awards, certifications in a very shorttime, The vision of Founder Sanjeev is to make Safety reach to all homes in India, that's why vision of Safer India Better World.