Trijog: A Thought Leader For Mental Health In India

Arushi Sethi,  Co-Founder

Arushi Sethi


Trijog is the brainchild of Arushi Sethi, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, who was exposed to the classic abrasion of Nepal earthquake in 2015. She found herself waking up at the epicentre of the second largest natural disaster that the world had witnessed. As a survivor, she under went frequent anxiety syndromes & panic attacks. Her existence was turned effervescent by Anureet Sethi, her mother who is a clinical psychologist with 34 years of expertise in the mental health landscape. Arushi speaks, "I had my mother right by my side to help me overcome the trouble I had been through. What about others? People can encounter trauma in various avatars and this might widely influence their mental stability." Trijog was created to acknowledge the lives of thousands and millions who are suffering in silence. "I choose to turn my trepidations into a source that lights life and builds an emotionally healthy ecosystem in the world altogether," she adds on.

The taboo around mental health is so much that people are bound to seek help for physical ailments, but hesitate to understand the troubles of the mind. The awareness of emotional and mental wellness has not reached the wider society. "Raising awareness and infusing acceptance is a major challenge because the world ‘mental' has always been viewed as some thing negative and so mental health is portrayed as a negative industry, the perception shift
towards emotional well being is indeed a necessity to experience a life of stability."asserts Arushi.

The Journey
Spreading rightful knowledge is something the company is tackling by various initiatives through the national and global campaigns they flag. Trijog has individually transformed over 13,500 client lives and their campaigns have touched over five Million lives and minds. Trijog has done some remarkable & ground breaking work with its outreach initiatives. In 2015 Trijog collaborated with to release a campaign called Standup to stigma which gained amazing attention from a wide range of audiences. In 2017, the team released `The Conversation', A film normalising therapy. It gained immense popularity on the web and was aired at the digital festival of the 21st World Congress of Mental Health in New Delhi, India. In 2018, the company put forth a PAN India Mental health Tour spread across seven cities and addressed the participation of around 3500 individuals.

Arushi says, "Bringing in a structured system, serving quality therapy with professionalism and scaling the emotional well being businesses are the other challenges the industry is addressing on the whole. We do not work as a clinic or hospital;

we have added a corporate touch with open work culture and multiple divisions to cater best practices services to our clients. The trick of scale is Trijog’s hybrid model having an on ground presence, coupled with going online in 2019 and entering the corporate and education landscape, servicing every sector with supreme quality and very unique and progressive programs."

The Roadmap Ahead
The company is executing best practice services at it's on ground institutions. Here, they address all sought of emotional, behavioral, learning and developmental concerns, Trijog provides counselling and intervention irrespective of age and gender. The major objective of the company is to tackle curation, prevention and educate all with the importance of mental wellbeing and more. This is met through counselling sessions, deploying behavioral intervention, behavior analysis, assessments, diagnosis and therapies. Along with the services provided to individuals, the company has now flagged the business into the B2B sector, launching services for the corporate and education sector. The company has robust presence in the on-line space with Sahej Sethi leading this division from the front. Trijog is growing steadily gaining national and international appreciation. "The strong base and guidance of Anureet Sethi, Sameer Arora, Amarpal Singh and Nishant Tamada, is driving Trijog towards excellence. Arushi also champions the Trijog team for being instrumental in building the organization".