Traveleoo: A First-of-its-Kind Online Portal for Authentic Medical Tourism Assistance

Goutam Jay, Director, ­ Sales & Marketing

Goutam Jay

Director, ­ Sales & Marketing

While India is enjoying 20 percent of the global market share in the medical tourism industry, fraudulent activities and unethical claims are gradually defaming the quality aspects of the healthcare providers. Griping on the issue, Goutam Jay (Director-Sales & Marketing, Traveleoo) says, “We have observed a common trend in the Indian market that the international patients are charged with higher treatment costs than the locals. With the increasing awareness among the foreign travelers, about 10-13 percent of the patients are opting for other countries to find more economical alternatives”.

Tapping into the medical tourism market, Traveleoo a first-of-its-kind MCA registered medical tourism portal in India redefines the transparency and drastically improves the affordability of medical tourism in India. The international medical tourists are provided with a thorough insight of each doctor and also enabled to directly consult the specialists or the surgeon.

Wallet Friendly Packages
Today, most medical tourism consultants target urban hospital chains, which occupy 75 percent of the healthcare services in India, and claim money from the medical tourists for unnecessary tests or assistance services. This is where Traveleoo acts as an elixir, upholding a transparent & well detailed approach, where price details are well
matched with the treatment profiles and are show cased on the website in advance, thus offering complete knowledge before reaching the country shores.

The international medical tourists are provided with a thorough insight of each doctor and also enabled to directly consult the specialists or the surgeon.

Gautam says,“We have an online page subscribed to verified & reputed surgeons and doctors, offering services within the patient’s budget”. Traveleoo’s portal also provides updates about tour packages for the medical tourists with local sight seeing or tours in India. The patients can pick an appropriate package that can be aligned with the treatment plans and their budget as a part of the leisure stay in India.

Detailed Catalogs of Economical Medicare Services
Every year, Jaipur attracts about 4.16 lakh foreigners to its rich cultural heritage. With the increase in dental tourism branding, foreigners are quite fond of the prospect of seeking dental care from Jaipur while holidaying, as it is seven times less expensive than their natives. The tourists seeking certified, well trained dentistry services in Jaipur can have a detailed look-up in Traveleoo’s exclusive dental tourism portal for general consultations, specialists for Endodontistry, Prosthetic Dental Surgery and more. Apart from dentistry, the portal manifests expert medical consultants for specialized medical treatment for ENT, IVF and joint replacement.

The Trust Factor
As Traveleoo’s innovative intervention is attracting more consultants to this international platform, it’s mandatory to preserve the trust factor intact. Thus, to get featured on the platform, consultants need to hold an MCA certification. It follows with a thorough background check, including the doctors’ history and the organizations they have served, before the profiles are available for public view.

The informatics services brand(Traveleoo)exists under Innate Medical Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd a medical tourism company headquartered in Jaipur, offering cost effective services since 2012. Goutam adds, “For the patients, we make their record confidential. Until the patient confirms the treatment with the doctors, we do not disclose any of their credentials with the doctors”. Traveloo today is targeting the cities like Jaipur, Gurgaon and others that are close to the metros.