The Nurture Clinic: Creating the Maternity Magic Moment with a Sensitive, Personalized Care

Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj,Medical Director

Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj

Medical Director

It’s true that people undergoing infertility treatment ride through the roller coaster of emotions, both physically and mentally. In many cases, month-on-month cycles of hope, streaked ovulation calendars and repeated tests only adds to their eroding self confidence. This struggle for conceiving tears down their life savings, affects their social stature and self image. Analyzing such state of affairs, Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, Medical Director, The Nurture Clinic asserts, “While delivering infertility treatments, connecting with the patients and having an emotional interaction takes a bigger seat. Once you understand their emotional quotient, you understand their social and financial pressure as well”. Providing patient-centric infertility treatment solutions with a touch of sensitivity, Nurture Clinic is the name to reckon on for communication, confidentially and cost effectiveness.

What unfurls the flag of excellence is Nurture Clinic’s highly trained in-house team who is expert in healing all fertility pitfalls with integrity, compassion, commitment and most importantly, interaction. When many focus on increased turnover, this clinic pivots on low profitability to provide cost effective
solutions while deploying high-end technology. Right from medical attention to emotional advice and specialist supervision to ethical code of conduct, everything at Nurture Clinic falls under spotlight flashed with state-of-the-art technical support.

Nurture Clinic offers wide array of services starting from evaluation of couple, IUI and Ovulation Induction to Blastocyst Transfer, PGD and ICSI

Bestowing that Extra Care
Nurture Clinic offers wide array of services starting from evaluation of couple, IUI (Intrauterine insemination) and Ovulation Induction to Blastocyst Transfer, PGD and ICSI(Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). With core expertise in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), the clinic effectively performs Fertility enhancing surgery, Surrogacy, Gamet donation and provides complete antenatal care-of services post delivery. With no commercial clinical humdrums, Nurture Clinic keeps patients’ confidentiality intact while the in-house staff, embedded with morality, carefully accesses the data when required. No wonder, the clinic is highly admired for its high level of integrity etched within its framework!

As a holistic fertility centre, Nurture Clinic owns the latest technologies in-house including high-end ultrasound machines, incubators, work-stations and laser equipments. While utilization of scientific resources delivers prompt and precise results, crucial training and personalized supervision gradually
escalates the graph of successful positive results. “The best way to meet the increasing need is to be available, involved, effective in the job you do, cost-oriented and deliver your best at all levels,”adds Dr. Archana. Above all, she oversees maximum operations herself and believes in spreading awareness by word of mouth while the clinic forte lies in person to person referral.

Superlative Supervision& Innovation
While in the run for career, education and cosmopolitan living, the millennials have also paved their way towards fertility degrading lifestyle inclusive of smoking, alcoholism, excessive work stress, emotional detachment and pollution (a component resulting in low sperm count). Clearly, modification in lifestyle mechanics is the key to fertility and physical engagement among couples. Also, the clinic invests highly in innovation with strategies in line to provide tissue fingering service (ovary preservation process) for patients losing their ovaries in procedures like chemotherapy and surgeries. As technology is advancing, Nurture Clinic has plans streamlined to add services like cytoplasmic gene transfer and myocardial transfer in its portfolio in the near future.

With expert physician, anesthetist, embryologist, ultrasonologist, neurologist, counselor, andrologist and dedicated team on board, Nurture Clinic envisages diversifying with emphasis on expanding its services, infrastructure and staff. Spotlighting doctor-patient interactive relationship, Dr. Archana concludes, “For us, profitability and financial gain takes the last seat as we understand our patient’s affordability and deliver solutions aligned with humane component to everyone”.