The Mind Research Foundation: Offering Advanced & Scientific Psychological Interventions for a Healthier You

Repudaman Chhabra,  Founder & President

Repudaman Chhabra

Founder & President

It is indeed a contradictory world where every second person is a victim of a psychological disorder, but no one stands up to acknowledge it beyond the mere assumption of a taboo. Located at Bengaluru,Chandigarh & Panchkula, The Mind Research Foundation (MRF) is on a quest to challenge this status quo through its scientific and evidence based psychological interventions that aim at improving people’s well-being through thought and behavioral changes, which not only ensures shorter turnaround time & faster recovery but also endows them with tools that would remain with them forever. With Neuroplasticity (brain’s ability to undergo changes), positive psychology, thought-centric approach and mindful awareness as its core principles, MRF seeks to directly impact the collective aspects of brain, thoughts, feelings, behavior and bodily reactions.

“Our therapists further reinforce the principles with the ‘Third Wave Therapy Model’ of psychology, an advancement of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) that include therapies like acceptance and commitment treatment and other mindfulness based therapies where the focus is on prioritizing holistic health and well being and less on symptomatology of disease ”informs Dr. Vishwakirti Bhan, Co-Founder & Vice-President, MRF.
A Mindful Approach
In adherence to American Psychological Association(APA) Code of Ethics, therapists at MRF provide clients with non-judgmental therapeutic interventions and further maintaining highest level of confidentiality and integrity. Individual problems (depression, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and so on), couple counselling, Pregnancy care (prenatal stress, postnatal depression), parent /family (parenting stress, extended Family issues, family discord, and more), childhood issues (ADHD, Autism, slow learners,& others), disease based support (counselling services for cancer, cardiac issues), geriatrics (lonely nest syndrome, dementia) and adolescent issues (suicide, body shaming, bullying and others) are undertaken by experts who use diverse interventions that can be tailored specifically to the individuals or groups receiving support.

Therapists at MRF provide clients with non-judgmental therapeutic interventions and further maintaining highest level of confidentiality and integrity

Along with providing advanced psychological interventions, organization strongly believes in contributing to larger landscape of mental health through concerted efforts in clinical research, education, awareness. Youth awareness of mental health is one of the primary focus areas that we achieve through local national global partnership. “We focus on creating awareness regarding the
importance of mental health and well being and also fighting for the destigmatisation of people suffering from any symptomatic mental health condition,” adds Repudaman Chhabra, Founder & President, MRF. With the intent of curbing the problem at the grass root level, MRF has specialized program (Mind Masters) for children which quips them with skills that would make them in charge of their own well being.

Dr.Vishwakirti Bhan,Co-Founder& Vice-President
The aim is to increase the capacity for effective knowledge exchange in mental health by connecting people, ideas and resources on a global level through collaborations like Langer Mindfulness Institute, Boston Faculty-Harvard Department of Psychology,and Faculty University of Milan and so on. MRF has programs designed specifically for corporates keeping in mind, the growing level of stress leading to high risks of breakdown and trauma.

Understanding the growing need for technology, the MRF intuitive mobile app resonates with the youth that will increase positive emotions through exercises and tools available on the go. “Leveraging Technology for better access to Mental Health Care services is a key focus area of MRF. Promotion, prevention and early intervention remain central tenets of the Organization’s vision towards Mental Health!” concludes the duo.