Texila Medicare: Continuously Working towards Patients' Betterment with Ethics & Transparency

Gajapathi S,  COOGlobally, around 14-16 million people travel across the international borders to seek medical treatments. Among the global game changers, India is one of the front runners with cost effective state of the art medical facilities, reputed medical professionals and quality nursing facilities with both traditional and modern healthcare therapies (approved by WHO). To serve this billion dollar industry($9 billion by 2020), Texila Medicare, a professional and reliable healthcare facilitator, works with close to 50 NABH and JCI certified hospitals and wellness centers spread across India.

“Texila Medicare has strong tie-ups with some of the leading hospitals and paramedics in the country to ensure our clients of zero waiting time for a consultation. Our services are catered to major cities that are well connected by airroutes, to deliver quality medical solutions for the international patients in time,” states Gajapathi S, Chief Operating Officer, Texila Medicare.

As a business unit and a global initiative of Texila American University Consortium, a leading international education provider and the parent organization of Texila American University (TAU) with campuses strategically spread across continents, Texila Medicare helps provide the best possible treatments within an affordable budget, delivered through its network of hospitals. These specialized treatments are in the areas of Organ Transplantation, Bariatric Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, IVF, Cosmetic Surgery, Cochlear Implant, Stem Cell Treatment, and many more.
Comprehensive Care Plans
When patients travel abroad, those interventions are often squeezed short, which impairs the healing process, demanding continuous care(not provided by local healthcare system)to heal, causing serious implications for the individuals.

Extending its services beyond the standard offerings, Texila Medicare is also working towards incorporating leisure components into its medical package

Texila Medicare offers an array of medical and non-medical services, right from the time patient leaves home to receiving post treatment rehabilitative support. This makes the company a one stop solution to facilitate all foreign travelers looking for medical services in India. For instance, Texila Medicare has a prominent presence in Africa through its other business establishments and strong alumni network from its educational institutions.

Going the extra mile, Texila Medicare also provides other travel related assistance, including pick-up and drop, travel insurance and FOREX apart from language translators, if and when needed to ease the patients’ stay. Texila Medicare has partnered with various hotels like Treebo, OYO Rooms and Fab Hotels to help patients with their accommodation and lodging. Extending its services beyond the standard offerings, Texila Medicare is also working towards incorporating leisure components into its medical package, like leisure travel, sightseeing, shopping trips and more, towards the benefit of the patients and their companions.

Ensuring No Breach
Data privacy has always remained among Texila Medicare’s prime concerns and hence treats it with highest sensitivity, which is achieved through customized medical CRM platform loaded with robust firewall system. This acts as a link between the patients and their preferred healthcare service providers.

Leveraging its decade long experience, Texila Medicare is determined to bring the concept of affordable healthcare solutions to international patients. It further plans to use telemedicine to help connect patients from all across the globe with their concerned specialists or doctors.

Such a vast spectrum of quality services, a wide range of hospitals & doctors to choose from, and comprehensive medical tourism packages at affordable prices, offered with complete transparency and highest business ethics, is what makes Texila Medicare a unique entity in the industry. Gajapathi concludes, “We are looking to expand our offerings and services to CIS and South Asian countries in the near future. We are also working towards relevant Compliances, Certifications and Accreditations, with one of them being NABH compliant by 2020”.