Technica Forts: Augmenting Superlative Quality-based Medical Transcription Services

Vikas Shukla,Managing Director
Vikas Shukla
Managing Director

Medical transcription (MT) is gaining pace across the world. However, the importance of quality MT cannot be ignored, as it deals with life. For instance, a life-long diabetic patient died due to overdose of insulin which was the result of a dictated discharge summary transcription that had an error. The transcript mentioned that the patient would receive 80 units of insulin instead of eight. This incorrect dose resulted in brain damage, cardiopulmonary arrest and death. Yet among the many cases of MT errors, one cannot deny the importance of MT.

But the inability to afford soaring transcription costs lead hospitals/practitioners resorting to less economical means of MT, driving at the risk of patient’s lives. While the healthcare cost across the globe is exorbitant, India has emerged as a nation that not only promises affordable MT services, but also ensures high-quality delivery at a TAT. This is why the MT market in India is anticipated to reach $1 billion by 2020. Cutting a bigger piece of the pie for itself is Kanpur-based Technica Forts, a 2000-founded company that shoulders immense responsibility, and understands the
immediate need for proffering reliable MT services with precision. Mastering partnerships with major MT companies of the U.S., Technica Forts epitomizes the art of serving quality, time-based transcriptions without compromising for anything less than 100 percent quality-service.

"Providing MT services to MTSO in the US since its inception, Technica Forts carries in-depth understanding of doctors-requirements as an added advantage"

Providing MT services to Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSO) in the U.S. since its inception, Technica Forts carries in-depth understanding of doctors' requirements as an added advantage. Housing a lineage of staff trained by ex-Heartland experts, Technica Forts employees are trained according to the American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) standards, to parallel the quality of services prevailing in the U.S. market. Offering services ranging from normal audio-to-text transcription, VRS editing, chart-pasting, appointment-scheduling and efficient EMR integration services, the company also checks patient-pre-qualification, additionally making appointment reminder-calls to patients.

Veterans Anchored on an Unrivalled Pedestal
Quality at an affordable cost is what Technica Forts means. Having office in Tier-2 city of Kanpur provides Technica Forts an upper hand over its competitors located in metro and Tier-1 cities. But it was a struggle for him to create a
qualified team of professionals proficient in MT. Thanks to Technica Forts’s association with ex-Heartland experts, today, the company is quite flexibile in adding additional resources even with the sudden influx in volume of work.

Moreover, offering services within a well-stipulated time and following a planned methodology, Technica Forts is empowered with the ability to face looming challenges and competition from similar-sized peers in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. With an all-inclusive work-culture that has been ingrained since its inception, the company ensures staying abreast with the advancements in the healthcare industry, additionally adopting top-notch VRS (Voice Recognition Software) for transcription of first-level audios as well as SaaS-based technologies, besides employing the latest dictionaries and updated medical-software over-paring its own standards.

Thriving Partnerships & Growth
Besides the MTSO (U.S.), TechnicaForts also holds partnerships with SmartMD, Global MT, Perry Johnson, Nuance Communication and several individual practitioners. Additionally, the company maps out prospects to aid the U.S. MTSO in attaining cost-reduction services while gaining their confidence to outsource business to Technica Forts who aims at establishing quality-driven services. Apart from making investments to market scope in U.S., Technica Forts has obtained a growth spurt of 100 percent in the last two terms of revenue.