Syscon: Offering End-To-End, Future Driven Technology Solutions

 Dr. Shivkumar Raghavan,     DirectorHealthcare institutions must embrace the power of next generation technologies to remain relevant in evolving market dynamics. The emphasis today is on developing a strong infrastructure to improve patients' insights and care in a seamless manner through personalized healthcare solutions. As a result, collaborating with a capable player capable of providing best-in-class technological solutions with world class features and capabilities is critical.

Speaking of which, SysconInfotech is a noteworthy venture that offers customer driven solutions across the healthcare ecosystem spectrum by leveraging cuttingedge technologies. Leveraging years of unparalleled experience, SysconInfotech was founded with the sole goal of setting the highest standards in the healthcare industry by providing out-of-the-box healthcare solutions. SysconInfotech has made incremental progress in all of its activities. SysconInfotech is backed by its team of seasoned professionals to meet the ever expanding needs of the healthcare domain. SysconInfotech's customer focused strategy has gained them a wide following, including many long term clients, and the number of customers has only grown over time with commitment to science and society.

"We have the ideal solution to manage these healthcare ecosystems, whether it is a laboratory, diagnostic center, hospital, nursing home, polyclinic, clinic, pharmacy, or blood bank, and it is user friendly, seamless, simple, and world class, with a 17-year legacy and reputation to back it up”says Dr. Shivkumar Raghavan, Director at Sysconinfotech.

"We render services with highest commitment and are continuously dedicated to knowledge advancement and service to the humanity. Syscon Infotech's Contribution towards the pandemic in generating more than 10 million accurate lab reports at record time was very helpful for the clinicians in treating the patients, and was well appreciated and lauded by the healthcare service providers across the region. This is a testimony to our commitment to the society and the fraternity. We take great pride and satisfaction in our customer service approach and 24-hour availability. We believe
in offering the finest possible service by guiding consumers every step of the way. We respect each customer's individual and unique needs, and our quality is never compromised” he adds.

Single Window Solution Syscon Infotech offers comprehensive and tailored healthcare administration and information systems, as well as cutting edge technology powered solutions. The solutions correspond to the highest standards in the global healthcare sector, such as HL-7, ASTM, KERMIT and 21cfr. By merging break through technology, SysconInfotech has built user friendly, efficient, and cost effective solutions. Syscon Infotech is now well-known in the market for its comprehensive range of solutions, which includes Laboratory Information Management Systems­ LIMS (SOLAR LIMS), Bidirectional/ Unidirectional Interfacing Solutions (SOLAR EDGE), Mobile app integrated with the SOLAR-LIMS, Hospital Information Management System (HOPE-HIMS), Hope Mini is a Clinic Management Software, and Blood Bank Information Management Systems(GENESIS).

We offer a comprehensive and customized healthcare management and information systems and products which are empowered by cutting edge technology

In addition, SysconInfotech provides industry relevant training for laboratory personals to upscale their industry skills through the company's training wing SysconInfotech's (SOLAR LIMS ACADEMY). The academy provides Good Laboratory Practices certification course which makes the healthcare professional industry ready, equipped with the knowledge of handling the information systems as well. The academy also provides continuous education programmes for its specialty clientele and healthcare professionals.

The goal to develop longterm relationships based on trust and trust worthiness drives the client centered approach. Furthermore, Syscon Infotech's customer support team is comprised of knowledgeable personnel who provide clients with application assistance or troubleshooting. They pledge complete customer satisfaction while adhering to set ethical standards, honestly in keeping with the company's motto, `Winning with Values'.

Committed to Excellence
Syscon Infotech's mission for the future is to provide the finest quality product for effective patient care while maintaining leadership in the global healthcare sector. SysconInfotech's mission is to work with the healthcare industry to improve capacity building through improved operational processes, quality assurance, innovation and profitability.

"Going forward, we are looking to expand to Africa, Middle East, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka & Caribbean islands", concludes Dr. Shivkumar Raghavan.