Syscon- InfoTech: Offering Comprehensive and Customized Healthcare Management and Information Systems

Dr. Shivkumar Raghavan,Founder & Director

Dr. Shivkumar Raghavan

Founder & Director

Hospital management is one such area where the advancement in technology remarkably eased the complexities involved in the functioning of different departments like laboratories, radiology, pharmacies, CSSD, accounting, administration, inventory, staffing, and so on. With the improvement of Healthcare IT, even laboratories, which were once limited to a small unit burdened with massive paperwork of crucial clinical test results, have today evolved as centers of excellence and accuracy. Driving in more scalability andcost-effectiveness to the data management in comparison to traditional systems, digital information systems have become inevitable in any healthcare unit, be it a small, medium and large hospitals or pharmacy or laboratory franchises. Counted among the proficient Healthcare IT solution providers in the country is Bengaluru based Syscon- InfoTech -a renowned name which offers comprehensive and customized healthcare management and information systems and products empowered by cutting edge technology to tackle the intricacies rooted in several segments of healthcare industry.

Established under the division of Syscon Group of Companies, a
healthcare venture that offers customer driven solutions in healthcare information systems, diagnostics and biotechnology products, Syscon -InfoTech solutions are compliant with the highest standards for transfer of clinical and administrative data like HL-7, ASTM, 21CFR and other data transfer protocols in the international healthcare arena. Dr. Shivkumar Raghavan, Director, Syscon Group of Companies, says, “Syscon Group is propelled with a commitment to society. Our Group's Health Care IT Division, Syscon- Infotech is committed to bring affordable World class Clinical Laboratory Information System (SOLAR-LIMS), Hospital Information system (HOPE-HIMS), Pharmacy Management System (HELIO)and Blood Banking System (GENESIS) to the clients. All these products are user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective; interlacing advanced technology. While utmost quality assurance and maintenance in every innovation remains our priority, customization to unique industry needs is our forte.”

Supported by top-class technologies, each product of Syscon-Infotech has been keenly developed to mitigate the pain points involved in various sectors of healthcare industry. Delineating on the products and their features, Dr. Shivkumar who has a Doctorate in Laboratory information management System, explains,“The Company’s signature product SOLAR-LIMS covers all the laboratory modalities and caters to a wide range of customers; be it small private laboratories, corporate hospital settings or research centers. HOPE–HIMS is another integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to
support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow. Apart from this, our pharmacy based offering, HELIO monitors supply, stock and sale of pharmacy products as well as discounts, package offers and doctor’s databases. The user friendly layout, GUI’s and speedy keys employed make Syscon Infotech's Products stand out as one of the most easily navigable software’s available in the market.”

Syscon's strength lies in its high quality after-sale services, stringent customer support approach and prompt round the clock services. Led by a team of skilled professionals with decades of proficiency in the industry, Syscon has crossed more than 400 installations across India, including government sector corporate hospitals like Bowring Hospital, Central Laboratories, and MIMS and many others. “We always follow our company’s motto,‘Winning with Values’, through guaranteeing complete client satisfaction, and winning the confidence of the customer while employing the set ethical standards. By keeping this objective, we are growing fast; doubled our revenue growth from last year, nominated for India’s 5000 Best MSME and achieved ISO certification from TQV. Our future roadmap covers plans to add a version for customers of each segment in the area that we are operating, launch new version of SOLAR-LIMS and HOPE-HIMS shortly and spread pan India while targeting international markets like Sri Lanka, Africa, Vietnam and Middle East. Syscon would also be getting into the laboratory automation space which would be a next big thing in India,”Dr. Shivkumar concludes.