Synthesis Solutions: Synthesize Tailor-Made Solutions that Fits Clients Unique Needs

Dineshbabu Asokkumar COO,Lakshminarayanan Found & CEO

Dineshbabu Asokkumar COO

Lakshminarayanan Found & CEO

The life sciences sector will see a strategic rise in the digital mindset and further adoption of transformative technologies in near future. To accelerate change, businesses' focus will be on developing innovative and relationship-driven partnerships and creating real value for clients. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Synthesis Solutions is founded by a team of professionals who are passionate about technology transformation initiatives for business efficiencies and compliance governance in a process-driven organization. The company is comprised of a team of process & automation specialists focused on synthesizing complete suite of solutions for clients. Focus is also laid on implementation of the recommended suite, and deployment of a well-orchestrated decision support system until realization of the business outcome.

"While the team has several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we have re-engineered and harmonized the processes for other discrete manufacturing industries to attain quality by design, compliance by design and efficiency by design. Our mission is to break-down client expectation into business outcome and suggest solutions that are fit for purpose", explained Lakshminarayanan, Founder & CEO, Synthesis Solutions.

Synthesis partners with the customers in the entire life cycle of implementation from concept development until the realization of the purpose. This effectively helps Synthesis to have a thorough evaluation of client-specific needs, current system landscape, and business enablers & their effectiveness. The company weaves solutions around this
research to arrive at clearly defined business outcome which is aligned, measurable & achievable. As all Synthesis recommendations or implementations are specifically tied to customer-centric needs, the company becomes the preferred choice of their large client base in such short period. At Synthesis Solutions, the strength is their people who come with core business experience with added strength of technology exposure. This makes it even simpler for their customers to solve problem statement with technology enablement. "We do not offer product or service to customers, but provide differentiated solutions which are unique to customer problem statement. Our strategic direction is in providing contemporary technology solutions to the industry that guarantees quality & compliance by design with measurable improvement in efficiencies", said DineshBabu Asokkumar, COO, Synthesis Solutions.

Challenges faced by Phar-ma Organizations
Pharmaceutical organizations across the globe are facing regulatory implications arising out of process ineffectiveness, in-effective CAPA, training ineffectiveness, inadequate process controls in manufacturing operations, and non-adherence to procedures, etc. These are simply non-negotiable which could have direct impact on the quality of the product & hence patient safety as well as on quality of documentation supporting the manufacturing. Synthesis Solutions precisely addresses this space in the industry to help companies build the road map for technology transformation and effectively address the transition. The company builds solutions on technology platform for pharmaceutical business and not vice versa.

Synthesis partners with the customers in the entire life cycle of implementation from concept development until the realization of the purpose

Furthermore, life science organizations are undergoing a paradigm shift in their process controls & governance mechanism due to ever-increasing regulatory expectations. Synthesis strongly believes in compliance & governance is the corner of success in any endeavors and therefore not only propagates but practices this in their company. Every client engagement Synthesis do is validated, audited and certified by their internal independent governance team and reported. The company recommends any technology or process interventions to their clients which has governance & compliance dovetailed into by default.

Moreover, as change is inevitable, Synthesis Solutions team understands the complexities from stage zero which means challenges & impediments. Synthesis offers pre-decision making until the end-stage of post technology deployment implying adoption as the single moment of truth. The company ensures business transformation by being an integral part of the extended team of its clients in the overall technology transformation program.