Synergy Labs: An Assurance of Quality Diagnostic Services

Deeksha Chowdhary,  Founder & Director

Dr. Deeksha Chowdhary, Founder & Director

The Institute of Medicine estimates that $750 billion is wasted annually in unnecessary healthcare costs, many of which stem from misdiagnosis. Today, accurate and fast reports are the lifeline of good treatment, whether preventive or cure. Jalandhar-based Synergy Labs provides quality, accurate and timely diagnostic report to improve and quicken the healthcare outcomes of the patient.

Dr. Deeksha Chowdhary (Founder), Dr. Krishma Goyal and Dr. Gomty Mahajan, together have made Synergy as an end-to-end diagnostic expert offering services ranging from the basic and routine tests like haemoglobin check-up, and blood sugar to very complex and high end tests like PCR, and histopathology, to name a few.

No Compromise on Quality
Synergy Labs is divided into various departments like Hematology & Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Serology, Histopathology, Cytology and Molecular Biology, all operating with the common denominator of quality service. “We at Synergy strive hard, and work round the clock to provide accurate reports of each test to improve and quicken the healthcare outcomes
of the patient,” asserts Dr. Deeksha. Right from sample generation till the time the report is handed over to the patient /clinician and even the follow up, quality assurance protocols are followed meticulously.

"We at Synergy strive hard, and work round the clock to provide accurate reports of each test to improve and quicken the healthcare outcomes of the patient"

Unlike many of its contemporaries, Synergy Labs operates 24x7x365 days a year and abides by the ISO15189 guidelines. It boasts of a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure for the latest tests in diagnostic field. The highly sought-after machinery from national and international companies like Roche, & Hitachi, form the backbone of the diagnostic tests. The Microbiology section is equipped with Bact T Alert and Vitek like machines for automatic cultures of microorganisms, their automatic identification and sensitivity making the chances of human error negligible. On the other hand, the histopathology lab is equipped with the instruments from industrial pioneer Leica and the molecular biology lab is fully automated performing DNA as well as RNA detection tests in diseases like dengue, chikungunya, MDR tuberculosis, drug sensitivity in tuberculosis, swine flu, and many others.

Quality assurance is the heart and soul of Synergy Labs. “Internal quality controls are run twice a day before running test batches. In case of any discrepancy, the tests are with held till the time corrective action and subsequent root cause analysis is done,” affirms Dr. Deeksha. Moreover, the labs are
segregated according to work type, well-furnished and ventilated with a biosafety level-2 to minimize cross contamination.

Experts on Demand
Catering to number of super-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals of Jalandhar and neighbouring towns, services are rendered by a team of qualified and skilled lab technicians, front office staff, IT personnel, logistic staff and supportive force of 25 persons under the able guidance of experienced pathologists and microbiologists. “Over the years we evolved into one of the most trusted diagnostic centres of the region catering beyond a radius of around 100 km from Jalandhar,” adds Dr. Deeksha.

The in-house phlebotomists are trained not only to draw adult sample but even pediatric and neonatal samples, a field with scarce expertise. The riders are equipped with proper sample transport bags to prevent sample spillage and to maintain cold chain to ensure that no sample deterioration takes place on the way. Further, the lab has its own dedicated website and online reporting system which helps the patients and doctors to view the reports at place and time of their convenience.

Taking their expertise a step further, team Synergy organizes camps for less privileged populations at charitable rates along with subsequent free consultation. With the ideology to offer quality service every time,the team is now working towards expanding their footprint across northern India.