Syncremedies Healthcare: Your Path to Better Health

Dr. Arjun Rao, Founder & CEO,Pooja Prakash Rao, Co-Founder & COO

Dr. Arjun Rao, Founder & CEO

Pooja Prakash Rao, Co-Founder & COO

Every family has a tragic story to share regarding a particular treatment, medication or a doctor. If you ask a patient, especially in India as forwhy he/she went to this particular clinic or what the other options could have been - the usual reply would be - ‘I was told that he/she was a very good doctor. So, I went there.’ Well, the recommendation of patient's or the online aggregator’s sure does the trick to the doctors as far as the business promotion is concerned, but what about the patient’s recovery or the clinical outcome?

It is not that the patient knows for a fact that the other form of medications would be the right answer to one’s ailment. A patient cannot say that they went to Ayurvedic treatment because it treats their diabetics well.Because nobody really has an answer to these questions, except the doctor’s who are specialized in their domain. Additionally, there is a void among the doctors themselves. And to worsen the situation, at present the process of so called integration falls on the patient, who are least informed about medicine. Hence, the entire process of treating chronic ailments is completely flawed.
In 2014, the duo Dr. Archana & Dr. Arjun Rao acting on the issue and putting an end to this once and for all went ahead and conceptualized an idea that involved a pilot research to validate the concept of integrated medicine. They tracked the recovery of 70+ individual patients under this process. However, the main challenge revolved around getting the doctors on board to communicate with each other. Successful in doing so, Dr. Arjun Rao explicates, “Many patients ended up getting good health benefits out of this process and the doctors also learned to work together over a period of time. Moreover, the doctors enjoyed as this had a positive impact on patients’ health conditions and this helped them understand the importance of other forms of medicines.”

Holistic Healthcare Services

By the end of 2014, Archana and Arjun decided to take this to a next level and established Syncremedies Healthcare, an innovative healthcare firm that integrates Ayurveda, Allopathy and Homeopathy onto a single platform thereby simplifying the process of accessing various forms of medicine TOGETHER to enhance positive clinical outcomes. In 2016, Pooja Prakash Rao (now the Co-Founder & COO) and Sanjeet Kumar joined the company to provide the operational structure. Thereafter hitting a smooth road and acing every challenge along the way. The company vibrant in their approach during their initial stage
was completely focused on product development before launching it to the market. Pooja says, “Today, we are both in the online as well as the offline space. It is always important to sustain the growth and be trendy at the same time. So, our main agenda was to simplify the entire process in healthcare, whereby the patients get a necessary care at the comfort of their home/office or at a clinic.”

Syncremedies aims to simplify the process of healthcare in India by providing patients the necessary care online, on-site or offline at physical clinics

Bangalore based Syncremedies is changing the perspective of people in the industryvia a holistic approach. Concluding on a positive note, Arjun says, “We will remain omnipresent in the healthcare space by focusing on delivering Integrated Medicine and providing “value added” services such as: corporate/personal wellness programs, fitness, yoga, physiotherapy, diagnostics, and doorstep delivery of medicines. We will be integrating every aspect of health and wellness services on to our platform where we educate our users on the benefits of integrated medicine and enable them leverage the best of each form of medicine. More than anything we will be inculcating multiple steps to invest on the clinical outcome.”