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Ankur Mittal,Managing Director & CEO

Ankur Mittal

Managing Director & CEO

Hunger for success, inspiration, and persistence are considered to be the hallmarks of success for entrepreneurs in smaller town or cities. But the desire to hang on to the local roots and lead a simple & gentle life tends to be their assets. One such story is of Ankur Mittal. Having an engineering degree course in IT would have let Ankur get into a high profile job with all comforts but he decided to choose his family business over others. When Ankur joined the pharmaceutical business he realized that the healthcare industry was gradually transforming and making an industry name for it. Buoyed by the amazing success achieved industries in the online space, he felt that Pharma is the next big sector to target consumer online. Moreover, also looking at the growing trend that the people are on a constant run for serenity and are ready for services that can offer them the same in a natural way, Ankur plunged into the Online Pharmacy space with an intention to provide Ayurvedic & Yunani products.

Kota based completely understands the
essence of ayurvedic & herbal
products and delivers the products based on individuals needs. Established in March 2013,as a provider of Over the Counter (OTC) products, Ayurvedic, Herbal and others, it emerges to be one of the leading online pharmacy stores in the healthcare business. “We are focused to give India a massive health & wellness boost.Driven by our vision to become a dependable, household name in the country we are trying to offer customers through a direct access by providing them genuine health products at best prices,”speaks Ankur Mittal, Managing Director & CEO,

Established as a provider of Over the Counter (OTC)products, Ayurvedic, Herbal and others, emerges to be one of the leading online pharmacy stores in the healthcare business

Well-Known name in the Ayurveda section
Keeping in concern about the diseases people are suffering from, the company offers products & meds in two categories, viz.‘Ayurveda & Yunani’. The products and meds include health & nutrition, personal care, ayurvedic remedies & more along with branded names. Being a provider of doorstep product delivery & trying to reach all the parts of the country, the company
uses courier and Indian post as the medium.

Finding that as the customer wants for Ayurvedic products has increased tremendously but sometimes it’s difficult to get the products, the company has up with manufacturers & distributors in order to make the products available at any time. Helping the rural customers to place their order through the phone, email & WhatsApp medium for their convenience, the company has also listed distributors in its list. Pinpointing that as there is a limited number of Ayurvedic companies and the products rates may vary from place to place, sets to offer a marginal product offering company.“To erase all the problems that hinder communication and other elements we are soon going to bring in our own software that will connect the consumer, retailer & doctor and help them out. Also to help the retailers we will be creating our own warehouse,” avers Ankur.

Emerges to be a Prominent Name
Having its presence over 40 years endeavours to be a quality centre for best meds and products. The company today offers its products in both online & offline segment. With a team of five to six employees, it has registered 7,000+ consumers. With a vision to become a prominent online pharmacy company, Ankur concludes, “We want to level our business and cater our services across the world. We are also developing plans for better infrastructure and ensure that the medicines reach faster to the consumers.”