Surgery Assistance India: A Patient-Centric Organisation Connecting Global Patients with Quality Healthcare

Swati Pareek,Director
Swati Pareek,Director

Medical tourism finds a natural base in India. Being the land of ancient medical science and ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’, India stands at the pinnacle of this billion dollar industry. With propelling technology & infrastructure, combined with accessible & economic treatments, Indian medical tourism now enjoys an international appeal and is set to undergo a valuation of $8 billion by 2020 (FICCI reports). Leveraging this growing attraction and blending the technical & medical innovation with humane compassion is Bengaluru-based (with partner offices in Nigeria and the U.S.) Surgery Assistance India, an ethical organisation who with its international presence & experience is connecting international, as well as Indian patients with quality healthcare service providers like Artemis Hospital, Fortis, Max, SAKRA, Colombia Asia and Manipal Hospitals, to name a few.

Focused on Empathetic Treatment
With its main expertise in Bone Marrow Transplants(BMT), Surgery Assistance is a proud patient-centric organisation focused on offering services based on extensive extensive research on
the customer’s medical history to ensure the perfect hospital-patient compatibility, while maintaining the highest standards of transparency and patient confidentiality. Patient-centric treatment at the organization revolves around a simple concept of empathy where the process starts with interacting with the patient’s relatives and understanding their requirements & comforts, and clearing their pre-conceived notions about the treatment and hospitals. Furthermore, instead of pointing them to one single hospital or doctor, the team always gives them three treatment options from various hospitals and doctors to infuse informed decision making and help them gain maximum benefit from their treatment.

"Surgery Assistance is a proud patient-centric organisation focused on offering services based on extensive research on the customer’s medical history to ensure the perfect hospital-patient compatibility"

In addition to BMT, Surgery Assistance’s collaboration with the above mentioned hospitals allows the company to render an array of other treatments akin to cardiac surgery and treatment assistance for both adult and children, joint replacement, orthopaedic assistance (hip resurfacing & sports injuries), multi-organ transplants, oncology (radiation, medical & surgical), assisted reproduction (IVF & IUI), ENT and Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery. “Thanks to our inside knowledge of the industry, we are able to negotiate the costs for patients in special cases negating the high
margin procedures being offered to hospitals, but without compromising on the quality of the treatment. We provided them the best hosptial + best doctor combination,” adds Swati Pareek, Director, Surgery Assistance India.

A Homely Feeling
There is lot to medical tourism than just treatment. Addressing them all, Surgery Assistance helps arrange for visa, local travel, SIM cards, translators, and FOREX. Further, it also offers local sightseeing that can ease the process of the international visit and treatment for the patient. “We realized that patients who come in for treatment like BMT have to stay in for a long time that pressurizes the family who too are away from their homes. While we cannot do a lot about that, we provide them authentic cuisine from their country (especially Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and other African countries) to make their stay in India easier,” informs Swati. Surgery Assistance has already started cuisines for African and Middle Eastern patients who visit Bengaluru for their treatment. Such measures speak volumes about the company’s core value of empathy.

Being an industry member for almost 10 years now, Surgery Assistance team is aware of the industrial nittigritties that enables them to offer stellar services and going beyond the mere notion of ‘just a service provider’. Delivering such profound services has enabled the company to earn customers through referrals.