Streben Healthcare: Best Healthcare Service for Prevention & Management of Lifestyle & Workplace Diseases

Arvind Savargaonkar,CEOThe concept of wellness today strikes a chord with the people. Their increasing awareness of prevention of lifestyle diseases through wellness activities, urbanisation, increasing disposable income, government and insurance push are leading the growth of this industry. Wellness for long has been ignored and taken for granted. But with the rise in Lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardiac diseases, there is a crying need for Wellness and Preventive Health. Also, this challenging environment demands an innovative and trustworthy partner who can create a health-aware work environment at the workplace and deliver enhanced workforce productivity & efficiency. Seeing this as a major growth opportunity, Chennai-based Streben Healthcare has come in the forefront to provide comprehensive services for employee health checkups, personalized health consultations and health awareness creation, covering mental health, physical health and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Streben follows a holistic approach, adhering to the philosophy of 'Prevention is Better than Cure'. “Our approach is helping individuals with appropriate course corrections rather than being prescriptive. We work with the individuals through the year with regular checkups that involve Medical, Physical and Mental checkups and appropriate follow-up interventions. Our regular checkups offer a measure of progress backed by data backbone and analytics that help individuals look at their health on a continuum,” says Arvind Savargaonkar, CEO, Streben Healthcare.

“We work with individuals round the year with a combination of checkups, awareness and
intervention covering mental health, physical fitness and medical parameters to help them avoid lifestyle diseases. Along with the innovation, we have added the convenience bit; the services are delivered at an individual’s workplace to help them avoid time for unnecessary commute,” informs Kumar Gururajan, COO.

The Foundation

Arvind and Kumar have been a part of the MedTech industry for a long time. The duo has been involved with hospitals treating critical diseases. At this point, they realized that nothing much was done to prevent these diseases. “The Indian healthcare system is burdened so much with a diseased population that medical professionals today are not able to work on preventive health. We wanted people to avoid the lifelong curse of lifestyle diseases that cannot be cured once they set-in. This has been the spark for Streben which means Aim or Aspire,” enlightens Arvind.

By 2025, team Streben envisions helping a minimum of 1 million Indians in avoiding lifestyle diseases

Amalgamating technology with medical expertise to offer the services at the comfort of the workplace, Streben’s onsite paramedical team works closely with individuals to cater to their health monitoring and intervention needs. The company is backed by a large medical specialist panel with experienced specialists and is empowered by an innovative medical records platform that provides unmatched health analytics and empowers employees to be healthy. “We strive to deliver the best healthcare service for the prevention and management of lifestyle & workplace diseases. We firmly believe that a healthy workforce builds successful organizations,” he asserts.

The Journey

Being in the business for over 18 months, the company has spread from its base to Bangalore and is shortly expanding to Pune and Hyderabad. The growth has been good and the journey has been adventurous. “With a dearth of holistic wellness companies, we are often classified with the run of the mill, and once they hear our model, heads turn 180 degrees,” smiles Kumar.

By 2025, team Streben envisions helping a minimum of one million Indians in avoiding lifestyle diseases and hence contributing its bit to help India become a healthy country. “We aim to reach PAN-India and become India’s most preferred health & wellness partner for corporates. We also aim to define new standards in health and wellness domain through the implementation of standardized systems and processes,” conclude Arvind and Kumar.