Steam Equipments: One-Stop-Solutions for Analysis & Sampling

The significance of good operations & maintenance (O&M)practices at industrial facilities in not just limited to achieving high levels of performance parameter, but it also ensures the good health of the equipment at the facility. Over the years, the equipment in industrial facilities shows deterioration in their performance due to the aging factor. The conditions of such equipment get further deteriorated if proper O&M practices are not followed in their operation. Here is where analytical instruments come in the light that helps to detect the defect and manage the efficiency of the equipment. Looking at the advantages, industry leaders have started to opt for the analytical instruments which have raised the demand of the segment in the market. Helping clients by offering the best-in-class instruments and reducing the maintenance time is Steam Equipments Pvt. Ltd. (SEPL), a Pune based analysis and sampling system provider.

Cutting-edge Solutions
Established in 2004, SEPL was started with an idea and concept to reach the OEMs & end-users to design and supply sampling systems used in liquid & gas applications in various industries. Today, this ISO 9001:2008 certified firm is reckoned as one of the leading manufacturers of steam and water analysis system, gas sampling systems, chillers, sample coolers, pressure reducers, shelters, rectifier cooling system, turn-key automation projects, and relevant accessories originally designed & selected throughout its 20+ years of working experience in various instrumentation industries and latest know how in this field. “We are the one-stop-solutions for analysis and sampling systems in liquid, gas and ambient air,” states Rasheed Syed, President, SEPL. “We started with zero capital and today we are proud that in a span of 15 years,
we have reached a turnover of about Rs.60 crore,”he boasts.

As an expert system integrator, SEPL caters to a diverse market segment which includes paper & pulp, power & steam oil & gas, water & waste, refineries, and food & beverage industry to name a few. Besides, the firm outshines in offering steam & water analysis system(SWAS)& analyser shelters, process gas analyser systems with Teledyne analyzers, flue gas analysers with unique design and technology, ambient air quality monitoring systems, steam engineering, pressure reducing stations, process boilers, and more. Recently, the firm has launched Zero Leak Float Trap ‘SLFT75’, which ensures self seating of valves and enables zero leakage technology. It is the latest addition in the SEPL range of products which emphasizes the commitment to give customers products that reduce the maintenance time.

We are the one stop solutions for analysis and sampling systems in liquid, gas and ambient air

In addition to that, SEPL’s systems are designed in accordance with ASME standards (ASME PTC 19.11, ASME SEC VIII, Div.) and the sampling system designed by the firm does not require any power or external energy to operate. This is the feature that eliminates the maximum maintenance issues.

Headstrong Workforce
The SEPL’s team of engineering and management professionals possess a combined experience of more than two decades in designing, manufacturing, commissioning and providing maintenance of Steam & Water Analysis Systems, Gas Sampling Systems, and Solar Power. With such a talented team of experts, SEPL joins hands with clients and drives the path to break the challenges that come across its way. Currently, the firm comprises of 180+ employees and aims to hire 500 by 2020.

With such dedicated services, SEPL has bagged various reputed clients including ABB, Alstom, Chemtrols, GE Sensing, Honeywell, SIEMENS, Tata Power and many more. Besides, the firm is coming up with a 60,000 sq.ft. factory in Pune with clubhouse and sports facilities for employees.