State of Mind - The Emotional Wellness Centre: Delivering Customized Psychotherapy Treatment via Expert Counseling

Ishita Pateria,Founder Psychotherapist and Counselling Psychologist

Ishita Pateria

Founder Psychotherapist and Counselling Psychologist

We live in a world that is increasingly complex, intense and stressful. Last year, WHO reported that almost 7.5 percent of Indians suffer from major or minor mental disorders (sadness, loss of interest /pleasure, feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, sleep disorder and several others) that require expert intervention. However talking about mental illness in the country is a social stigma that needs to be kept under wrap. With a notion to alleviate these factors and create awareness, Ishita Pateria, Psychotherapist & Counseling Psychologist, founded an emotional wellness centre called State of Mind - The Emotional Wellness Centre. This Mumbai-based centre provides individual, couple and family counseling ranging from daily issues to severe psychological conditions. Believing in integrative approach, Ishita implements therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, psychodynamics therapy, mindfulness and motivational interviewing amongst other.

Backed by over ten years of experience, and reinforced with academic qualification of masters in counselling psychology and a second masters in mental health: psychological therapies, Ishita handles issues like addiction, anger, abuse, anxiety, bereavement &
grief, depression, eating & sleeping disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, self esteem & confidence issues, self harm, stress and trauma. She also counsels patients with medical ailments like diabetes, thyroid, infertility, and cancer which they find hard to deal with. Being a registered member of British Psychology Society, Ishita does not consult any family members or friends to ensure confidentiality. She even consults her supervisor in England and her mentor in Jaslok Hospital when dealing with critical cases.

Giving confidentiality, respect, trust and commitment the utmost priority, State Of Mind provides clients a space to talk and process their feelings & emotions, and derive meaning of them

An Illustrious Approach to Therapy
The clinic uses a collaborative approach where the goals and therapies are mutual to therapist and the clients. In the first therapy session (individual, couple or family), State Of Mind analyzes the clients’ issues, root cause and the triggering factors. Giving confidentiality, respect, trust and commitment the utmost priority, State Of Mind provides clients a space to talk and process their feelings & emotions, and derive meaning of them. It aims to increase self awareness which helps them to
build an effective coping mechanism. “We work with clients’ history and integrate it with the present in order to provide personal growth and a better future,” asserts Ishita. Post the analysis, if they are going through panic attack, anxiety symptoms or any triggers, Ishita teaches the techniques like distraction and various measures to overcome them. The first session is usually scheduled for 90 minutes followed by 60 minutes from next ones.

Whether separated, married, cohabitating couple or pre-marital couples, State Of Mind’s couple therapy deals with them all. The therapy is inclined towards creating awareness on their feelings, troubles, emotions, and understanding of mutual & individual similarities and differences. Facilitating effective communication, physical and emotional connection by setting boundaries, couple therapy aims to improve overall relationship quality. Based on couple’s comfort, the therapy either includes meeting both at a time or separately to hear their point of view. State Of Mind offers family therapy which involves blood relatives, extended family, or friends considered as family. Focusing on interpersonal patterns, Ishita helps to improve understanding, communication, set boundaries, and appreciation for each other. This helps them to work on challenges and crisis together while having emotional support for each other.

Today, this 2016-founded company aims to grow bigger and hire psychologists to cater more patients. It further envisions opening a training and supervision center to ensure the future psychologists are trained better to handle the increasing complex cases.