Srikem Laboratories: Manufacturer & Supplier of APIs with Consistent Quality, Reliability & Timely Delivery

S Srinivasan,Director

S Srinivasan


The latest study on the market for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in India unveils that its revenue is forecasted to exceed $5.5 billion by the end of 2020 along with a tremendous growth post-2020 too. In fact, APIs hold the potency to abate the prevalent problems with respect to regulatory compliances, timely delivery, cost escalations and many others across the pharmaceutical industry and thereby gain tremendous business value. With 32-years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Srikem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. currently distinguishes itself as one of the leading API manufacturing companies in India due to its exceptional track record and market reputation.

Srikem’s experience across the industry indeed exemplifies its longevity, consistent services, top-notch quality, reliability, timely delivery, fast market distribution, profitability, competitiveness and many other facets. Even in marketing, the firm has etched its presence across many countries worldwide and owns 120+ customers while adding a couple of new ones each year. The list
entails international customers from U.S., South Africa and other countries as well as local customers like Cipla Ltd., Sun Pharma, GSK, Elder Pharmaceuticals and others. Placed in Mumbai, Srikem relishes wide accessibility to other potential markets along with an annual revenue growth of up to 25 percent.

API as its Forte
S. Srinivasan, Director, Srikem Laboratories, claims, “Utilizing multiple approvals procured from European and American countries, we are manufacturing and marketing a gamut of API products to our customers, as well as handholding companies that are poised in the regulated markets”. The firm outclasses as the leading player in manufacturing Permethrin - used for head lice and scabies, for over 20 years besides Meclizine Hcl–used for travel sickness. To meet the entire demand of India as well as overseas markets, Srikem is executing backward integration in manufacturing the intermediates of Clotrimazole. Also, Bifonazole, Buclizine Hcl, Cyclizine Hcl, Hydroxyzine Pamoate, Diclofenac Diethylamine, Flunarizine Hcl, Chlorcyclizine Hcl and many others are included in Srikem's product portfolio which is aimed at gaining customers’ loyalty rather than profits.

Srikem sources its raw materials from Gujarat and Maharashtra, and processes them into intermediates at its modern manufacturing plant located in Taloja, near Mumbai. During the process, a very robust quality
system, completely automated instruments and server-based software for data integrity are deployed. The firm also deploys its 25 certified & highly qualified workers and quality assurance team to bring-out the best outcomes in the process. Besides conforming to the ICH guidelines, standards preformed by FDA, Pollution Control Board, Health and Safety Authorities, Srikem prefers employing conventional technologies at the moment and not modifying them as it might need customers’ confirmation to proceed further.

Employee safety is assured at Srikem through regular safety training by consultants who educate them on all safety and preventive measures across each product type. Further, employees are advised to attend training programs on manufacturing and safety in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system as well as to stay abreast on the emerging regulatory trends.

Future Goals
Currently, Srikem Laboratories is emphasizing on enhancing the volume growth of its existing products and also working on developing and marketing new products in line with the customers’ demands, which will be out in the market within the next two years. The firm is also looking forward to increase its thermal analysis capacity and establish a Greenfield project at Visakhapatnam besides reaping a turnover of Rs.1000 crore in the coming five years.