Sri Shabareesh Ambulance Services: Every Minute Matters!

Paramedic services and healthcare transportation are the need of every time! It is something that matters the most, as the service provider's on-need presence save lives and spread happiness in families. In fact, they increase the efficiency of the entire healthcare system. With this thought, B.C. Manjunath who has over 10 years of robust experience as an ambulance driver at Mallya Hospital Bangalore, took a step forward to conceptualize a company that wholly provides ambulance services to various hospitals. Realizing the fact that paramedic service is a sector that has to flourish as they ensure the timely and safer transfer of patients, test specimens, medicines, and medical equipment from one location to another location, he established Sri Shabareesh Ambulance Services in the year 2006.

As an ambulance driver, Manjunath was exposed to various roles and appellations. This made him gain comprehensive knowledge of how the entire system works. With this mastery in the market, he molded Sri Shabareesh Ambulance service into a company that caters to the best services. It provides emergency healthcare transportation services that require an urgent medical response. Also, non-emergency transportation services such as oxygen cylinders, ventilators, BiPAP machines, stretchers, equipped with basic respiratory systems, and a saline administration setup and other special needs. While non-emergency ground ambulances are the most commonly used medical transportation services, the company has assisted in setting up mobile ICU as well. Apart from this, in collaboration with Tapasya Group, the firm makes arrangements for door-step services by providing homecare-nurses. Apart from this, it also does cargo clearance of several international dead bodies.

With 14 years of existence in the market, the company has joined hands with reputed hospitals such as Fortis, Sakra World, Apollo, Columbia Asia, and several others. "We have been in the industry for several years. The healthcare service providers observe us.
They notice and quality of all that we do and approach us to avail of our services. Several of them have given us opportunities based on the top-notch, end-to-end services that we cater to," says B.C. Manjunath, Founder.


Recounting the milestones achieved so far he informs, "We could serve PuttaparthiSai Baba's niece who was a cancer patient. While we were helping her to commute for her chemotherapy, once, he called me and appreciated for our efforts and blessed us. We also provided service to SaraswathiMahaswamiji and several other noble humans, which motivated and encouraged us a lot to contribute more in the healthcare sector."

Eyeing the future, Sri Shabareesh Ambulance Services aims to serve corporate and MNCs by providing complete solutions and healthcare transport vehicles

With the varied expertise acquired, Manjunath instructs and suggests his team in critical conditions. In case of severe ailments and others, he helps them guiding how the patients can be lifted and brought to the hospitals. Highlighting the collaboration among the team and other service providers in the market, he exclaims, "In such cases where all our vehicles are on-road and we get calls requesting for an ambulance, we contact the healthcare transportation service providers in the nearest jurisdiction of the patient and provide faster services than we could. With this, we have gained the trust of people and they get back to us, believing that we will definitely help them."

Having around 10 operational ambulances, over 15 drivers and staff nurses, that company is able to scale to heights in a structured and organized way. Eyeing the future, the company aims to serve corporate and MNCs by providing complete solutions and vehicles. It is in talks with several hermitages and missionaries who need 24/7 services. It is also planning to promote existence by providing vehicles to huge conferences and tournaments in stadiums.