Spring Bunny: Fresh, Adorable & Value-for-Money Clothing for Babies & Toddlers

Rishi Daryanani,Director

Rishi Daryanani, Director

Children outgrow their clothing very quickly, hence parents don’t want to spend much on clothing, though everyone desires their children to look the best in a comfortable, adorable and smart-looking dress. It’s the quest for the same that inspired Rishi Daryanani (Director) to incept Spring Bunny, a Mumbai-based value-for-money children’s clothing brand for parents by parents, which offers the cutest styles made in top quality at prices that don’t pinch. It has styles in knits, wovens, cotton & viscose for both boys & girls (infants, toddlers & four-eight years old kids) starting from denims, shirts to winter jacket, t-shirt & shoes (six months-four years).

The Fresh & One-&-Only
While the marketplace was flooded with dull & un-inspiring styles or international brands that are too expensive, the company created clothes curated by international designers, which
makes its offerings up-to-date & enjoyable to the children. “Whether it is adding soft lining into styles to keep the toddler’s skin protected, or functionally designed rompers that are easy to slip-on and slip-off, we do it all,” says Rishi. Being engaged in exporting a lot of styles to Latin America helps the company in maintaining international quality standards and endows it with a cost advantage. The company passes-on the cost benefits of home-produced styles to its clients in India.

"Spring Bunny strategically develops styles from good export-oriented factories with compliance all over India & South East Asia"

From the very initial stage, the company performs R&D to choose the fabric that is soft for children (preferably cotton & viscose rather than polyester). These fabrics are put for several rounds of testing where the in-house quality control team inspects each style for color bleeding, and shrinkage and only after the fabric pass the tests, it is allowed into the market. Spring Bunny refrains from the idea of having a manufacturing unit, as it will compel it to make only a particular type of garment. The company strategically develops styles from good export-oriented factories with compliance all over India & South-East Asia.
Keeping Customers Delighted
While Spring Bunny can also be found on the most common online market places (Hopscotch, Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal), its portal launches the freshest styles first. The company is developing an app that would enable its users to access its styles with a click. Although the company walks hand-in-hand with the growing technology, it believes in offering customer services with a human touch. “Even though from time to time, we get exchange requests outside the exchange period, we still permit it. Seeing our clients happy makes us happy,” adds Albeen Anthony, Operational Head, Spring Bunny. Besides offering free shipping on all products above Rs.650 (and others at a nominal price of Rs.65), Spring Bunny also offers seasonal discounts online and has a discount section on the portal, where cute designs can be picked at throwaway prices.

Innovation being the key to its development, Spring Bunny constantly innovates fresh & unseen designs in the market; thanks to its supply partners and team of western designers who help it to stay along with the market trends and bring simple sketches to life. The company is looking forward to develop its offline retail market & envisions seeing Spring Bunny across all children retail stores.