Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio: Hairs You will always Stroke

Arti Singh,  Managing Director

Arti Singh, Managing Director

When Rawool’s mirror echoed baldness aloud, he approached Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio seeking for an advanced and trustworthy hair transplant clinic. It was a total surprise for him when he stepped into Sparha. The environment was completely professional with experienced staff delegating their job with nothing less than perfection. A counsellor took him through the latest techniques used in the clinic and detailed the process pertaining to the treatment he would undergo. His financial concerns were further addressed by finance options and easy EMIs. Following a FUE DHI hair transplant procedure, Rawool was kept in the state-of-the-art recovery room till discharge and underwent weeks of follow-ups to ensure the results were what Rawool expected. Today he is one of the advocates of Sparha, who vouches on his experience to refer anybody and everybody in need.

“This is what Sparha is made up of – commitment, delivery, after treatment-service and nothing but perfection. We take care of our
client’s grooming needs which are customized as per their lifestyle and diet,” explains Arti Singh, Managing Director, Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio. Believing in Primum non nocere, and using highly advanced technologiesin the able hands of experienced doctors (aesthetic surgeons with over nine years of experience and hair transplant doctors with seven years), this client-centric clinic has been elating its patients since 2014.

"Aesthetics are something we never compromise on; giving the right look and impact on the personality of the patient is what Sparha is about"

Methodologies Unmatched
If you wonder how the clinic does that, then remember it’s no magic despite clients calling the experience so! It is the deep understanding of expectations of patients, right diagnosis & analysis of hair loss cause, and the treatment forward that make all the difference. Using the safest & most advanced equipment(FDA approved) & procedure to deliver the best outcome, the clinic offers HT – FUE (a scar-less multi-grafting technique done for micro grafts to create the hairline & follicular grafts on empty area done to cover up large area in single session of surgery or DHI treatment), LED (stimulates the hair follicles for hair growth), and Stemcells & Advanced PRP therapy (non-surgical hair loss treatment providing natural hair regrowth stimulation for thinning hair where patient’s own concentrated plasma
is injected in to the scalp causing them to make more hairs per follicle).

Sparha also offers DHI Extraction also called micro-FUE that punches with diameter of 1mm or less to extract hairs one by one from the donor area, ensuring the new hairs do not fall, grafts live longer and the final look is pure natural. This method requires extraction and planting to be done simultaneously to reduce the chances of follicular death. Its flagship GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) therapy is a standardized procedure done without any platelet loss, and optimal results can be obtained within three-six months.

Further Sparha does hair fixing based on patient’s facial traits, density of hair, thickness and hair color, while providing post-operative care considering the patient’s lifestyle and dietary habits. “Aesthetics are something we never compromise on; giving the right look and impact on the personality of the patient is what Sparha is about. The results are well documented and the success stories of our clients are the testament to our work and working techniques which have been perfected over time,” adds Arti.

Following such stringent methodologies and perfecting the art of hair treatment, the clinic has been growing at 25 percent YOY. It aims to open three more clinics in Bangalore by 2020, while go PAN India by 2021.