Smiles International Institute of Coloproctology: Re-defining Colorectal Treatments with Minimally Invasive, Painless, Blood Less and Cost Effective Procedures

Dr. Parameshwar CM,CEO
Dr.Parameshwar CM

In 2015, India was termed one of the low-cost yet highest quality centers of all medical tourism destinations. The country received the highest number of foreign and domestic patients for critical treatments spanned across diverse medical conditions to centers in major cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and NCR. Among these critical treatments, more than one million annually were colorectal problems, but the facilities to treat it were highly limited. While these limited facilities posed as a challenge, the cost of treatments too caused holes in the pockets of patients. But during the December of 2014, Dr.Parameshwar CM(CEO,Smiles International Institute of Coloproctology, who has successfully performed over 16,000 procedures for various colorectal disorders with industry leading success rate), a then general surgeon, experienced a journey that changed the face of treatment for this disease that affects at least 50 percent of the population once in their lifetime.

Approached by a friend who was suffering from simple Hemorrhoids to suggest a time-restricted treatment to get back to work soon after, Dr. Parameshwar started his search to find the most suitable
doctor. During the research, Dr. Parameshwar recognized the dearth of good colorectal surgeons and well established treatments into the country. He then took-up training in Germany & Italy to gain in-depth knowledge on the latest technologies and best treatment processes for treating the disease. Smiles International Institute of Coloproctology(SIICP) was born as a result, becoming India’s first unrivaled super-specialized hospital for treating colorectal disorders like Piles, Constipation, IBS,IBD,Fissure & Fistula; others being Rectal Prolapse, Pilonidal Rectal Prolapse and Digestive Diseases.

" SIICP fosters pre & post procedure consultations through technology for its domestic and international patients"

Customized Treatment& Services
Equipped with highly-developed technologies(India’s first and only 4th generation laser machine)and facilities that meet global recognition, SIICP fosters pre& post procedure consultations through technology for its domestic and international patients.“Understanding the woes of patients who come from distant places, we have developed latest surgical methods that are minimally-invasive & painless, and reduce recovery time from months to just 48 hours. We use technology for video calls for follow up consultations after procedure, ensuring the post operative consultations happen at the ease from their place,” avers Dr. Parameshwar. Understanding that except for a few, almost all colorectal disorders are lifestyle errors, SIICP highly leverages
technology to engage and guide its customers to ensure they don’t repeat the mistakes again through customized lifestyle modification programs that are designed post an intense research on lifestyle practices in particular country.

SIICP has crafted pre & post operative procedures that vary significantly (customized)pertaining to geographical and cultural diversifications of the patients. Today, SIICP treats patients from world across in its three world -class facilities headquartered in Bangalore(two in Bangalore and one in Mandya),and assists international patients on medical visa, travel, lodging and boarding, treatment plans and others. “We understand the need of customized cuisine and religious activities to be performed and hence we do make arrangements for the same,” asserts Dr. Parameshwar.

Smiles Maps out Future prospects
SIICP is now a part of EHA(Equitable Healthcare Access for ALL),a consortium founded by healthcare giants like Aravind Eye Hospitals, LVPEI, Shankara Cancer Institute, IIM Udaipur and others. With its significant social impact, SIICP is making good revenues with industry leading EBITDA. The hospital has further laid plans to establish tele-colorectal examination centers across various countries so as to enable post operative colorectal examination and general OPD consultations as well. SIICP also plans to seek PV/VC fund in next six months to establish 10 more centers in South India(Hyderabad,Vizag, Vijayawada, Mangalore, Hubli, Nellore, Kakinada and Hosur),Delhi and Mumbai.