Sirona Diagnostics: An Integrated Diagnostic Services & Super Specialty Centre

Niteen Tulpule,Founder & Director

Niteen Tulpule

Founder & Director

Essentially, to establish and allow a more informed decision on a particular medical condition of a patient, diagnosis is of paramount importance. However, professional expertise to judge the test sensitivity, specificity, predictive values and appropriate ratio has an equal part to play to diagnose a disease. Known for its integrated diagnostics & super specialty services, Mumbai-based Sirona Diagnostics offers quality healthcare services at affordable prices.

Offering the Best Personalized Treatment
With a unique blend of super specialist doctors along with required diagnostics all under one roof, Sirona is also known for its Specialty Clinics that offer OPD services consisting of Cardiac, Kidney, Endovascular, and Breast Clinics along with Gynecology, available on appointment basis. Patients have access to a range of diagnostic services from Pathology, Imaging, Mammography, Cardiac, and PFT to health checkups, all at one place. “Whether it is an ultrasound, blood tests at home or doctor’s consultation to interpret those tests, we address a wide range of patient requirements. Our service is very personalized and
patients always have access to the doctors or to me for any special requirements,” says Niteen Tulpule, Founder & Director, Sirona Diagnostics. The clinic also works with major global centers of excellence for cases that (need) extremely specialized tests and opinions which are not available av in the country.

With the launch of Specialty Clinics, we will be extending these services to corporates and provide specialist consultation to managerial personnel who are prone to stress, and hence suffer from lifestyle diseases

With the rising cases of cancer, especially breast cancer, Sirona’s Specialty Clinic is equipped with latest equipment for mammography and ultrasound, and has highly experienced Tata Memorial trained Sonologists and specialist consultants to provide timely diagnosis and advice. Catering to corporates, the clinic provides pre-employment checkups, annual health checkups and health checkup camps to various corporates in BFSI, hospitality, F&B and various other sectors. “With the launch of Specialty Clinics, we will be extending these services to corporates and provide specialist consultation to managerial personnel who are prone to stress, and hence suffer from lifestyle diseases,” says Niteen.

Looking at the busy schedule of
today’s professionals, Sirona offers personalized services and solutions to help its patients address their requirements; for instance blood sample collection at home & report delivery via email,along with on site comprehensive health camps that includes specialist consultations. Also, with its wide network of doctors and reach in medical profession, the clinic is able to help retail and corporates find the right doctors for their needs.

In the Hands of Experts
To ensure quality health services to its patients, Sirona has empaneled highly qualified and expert doctors, pathologists, radiologists, MD physicians, DM cardiologists, gynecologists, nephrologists and dentists who are assisted by capable technicians and support staff. Uncompromising on quality standards, the tests are done at the center by the the chief pathologist, holding 35 years of experience. Sirona uses only AERB certified X-ray and Mammo machines (that comply with radiation standards) and equipment from multinational manufacturers like Siemens, Philips, Schiller, Roche, Biomerieux, Agfa and others to ensure accurate studies. Further, external verification of its results are also carried out on a regular basis to eliminate any deviation.

Spearheaded by experts from leading multinational companies GE and KPMG, Sirona is witnessing 50 percent growth YoY within just four years of its inception. Rolling out widely beyond its current purview of Dadar-Parel-Worli, Sirona is all set to serve its home sample collection service PAN Mumbai, and targets more locations for full service centers covering diagnostics and specialty clinics in larger areas.