Siddhi Yoga International Fostering Optimal Health From Body to Soul

Meera Watts,FounderIn 2014, in an early speech at UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the world community to celebrate yoga at the international level. He had said, “yoga is an invaluable gift of our ancient tradition. It is not about exercise, it’s a path through which an individual can discover his sense of oneness with nature. It embodies unity, unity of the mind and the body, thought and action, restraint and fulfillment. On the whole, it’s a holistic approach to health and well-being.” The same year the United Nations declared June 21st as International Yoga Day. The idea garnered an overwhelming support from 175 countries - uniting the world on a common platform.

From ancient times, Yoga in India has brought time tested ways to treat stress and ailments gifted by the modern lifestyle. This is the main reason why people across the globe are resorting to yoga asanas, mudras and pranayama. The modern day lifestyle which brings on physical and physiological stress in our lives, Yoga comes as a rescue to alleviate the physical and mental stress. Based on the holistic principles of harmony and unification within body and nature, Yoga’s simple postures leave a powerful impact against busy lifestyle demands. It is not only a great solution to stay fit but has also emerged as an alternative form of therapy. Many chronic ailments like asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis have found a great solution in Yoga. All these facets convey the reason why this proactive discipline is a must in our lives.

A Well Perceived Gap Bridged by a Noble Initiative
Unfortunately, as we rush around our modern lives both assisted and burdened by technological advances, we lose the wisdom of living in harmony with nature and each other in translation. Siddhi Yoga International aims to bridge the gap between ancient Yoga and contemporary living. Using yoga, meditation, kriyas, relaxation and healing, Siddhi Yoga incites transformational change in their students with great knowledge, noble purpose and like minded people. On the most fundamental level, they help their students return to their human roots while retaining the conveniences and joys of modern life.

The institute has a holistic approach when it comes to Yoga. They strongly believe in spreading the essence of Yoga to people without being diluted which is the need of the hour. The focus is to help to solve physical and emotional issues of the participants. Other than teaching, the institute prepares a lot of authentic and simple to use written and video content for people who are not able to attend their courses.

“Along with the dos and don'ts while performing Yoga, we also emphasize on the correct approach one should have towards life. We trust that Yoga is about a greater understanding of life and giving purpose and meaning to it,” informs Meera Watts, Founder, Siddhi Yoga International.

So far 1000+ people have graduated from 60+ countries, and the institute has more than 400+ video testimonials on YouTube along with 150+ Facebook testimonials, and it’s growing every month. “Our goal is to pass on the authentic experience of yoga and grow gradually. While keeping the same authenticity if we manage to deliver, we should be starting in Bali in 2019 and may be in Thailand in 2020. We
are also in process of designing short yoga retreats and courses in near future,” Meera states few facts.

Absorbing the utmost authenticity Yoga has been offering traditionally, Siddhi Yoga as an institute keeps in mind the modern challenges people goes through. The teachers are aware that people in modern world are not ready to follow yoga traditionally when it comes to asanas, breathing, meditation.

Therefore, they cater to their needs by modifying the teaching styles and individual needs. “If someone is unable to hold the posture traditionally due to some limitations from tensile connective tissues or due to compression then we provide them best alternatives by giving right alignments, prop work and body awareness to hold posture to avoid any joint or muscle injury,” says Meera.

Right Teaching, Right Path, Right Message.
Imbibing the teachings of Geeta saar & Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Siddhi Yoga focuses on the biomechanics of the human body while the teaching practices are known to be simple yet based on practical knowledge. The institute offers courses designed in a way that can be beneficial to all the aspects of human personality – be it is Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual or Spiritual. Well-structured teaching classes – amalgamated with concepts of science and tradition are held to balance and cultivate peace of mind. In this context, Meera mentions, “Performing the as an as in a right way not only avoid injuries but can also remove discomfort and make the body fit & flexible”. Breathing practice and Pranayam can allow to relax the mind and gain control over it. Chanting and devotion can help to deal with emotional problems and Meditation can be useful to understand the spiritual aspect of our being. “We believe in an overall and total approach through Yoga”, she says.

She further shares an important observation, “Most of the people are inclined towards kundalini yoga and Chakras awakening, but rarely anyone is aware of the fact that how to work on those energy points, therefore we teach them how they can relate the Chakras system with our hormones and their associated glands and organs and work towards their efficiency to get the body into balanced state”.

Furthermore, to resolve lifestyle issues with Yoga, the institute teaches asanas and pranayama that are directed towards mental well-being. The focus here is mostly on breathing and body posture to unfold the benefits of eliminating stress form the boy and the mind. A daily routine of Yoga for even 15minutes with the right breathing techniques can miraculously have a positive impact on the mind. With regular practice of yoga, we start gaining control over our mind, and we can find the happiness within which is not dependent on anything or anyone. The whole approach towards life changes. As the mind is the main culprit of this modern era, Yoga can be a definite solution to it,” Meera certifies.

A Team of Finest Teachers
One of the strongest pillars behind the success of Siddhi Yoga is the group of proficient teachers who with their knowledge, skill, patience and empathy help every student achieve the divinity of Yoga. Undoubtedly, these teachers are well-experienced in their respective fields and are well versed with their subjects and know how to deliver as per groups or individual needs. “All our teachers are hand picked in their respective fields. Some of our teachers are professors in reputed college, some are physiotherapist, ayurvedic doctor and some are marathon runners and cyclists. This variety helps to understand yoga from various different angles and how you can teach various styles of yoga for sports personality and be in the current updates in their respective field. We encourage
teachers to keep upgrading them in their respective fields, and points are given according to their performance, avers Meera.

From time to time, the teachers upgrade themselves to keep pace with innovation. They use various props such as bricks, bolsters, chairs, belts and blankets, and assist the students with body support. She adds, “We plan to use even books and tables in your own house or even the door frames of your home to give stretches. In near future we plan to spread this knowledge all over the world and give more authentic yoga teaching”.

In fact, the teachers have complete freedom in teaching the way they want to while keeping fundamental approach intact. The work culture is more about freedom and working in unity.

Resurrecting the Lost Art of Life Balance
We all possess the same energy, strength, and light. However, most of the times we tend to live our lives half heartedly - being bothered with thoughts of past and future. Yoga teaches us to live a positive life and most importantly living in the present. Coming in the forefront, Siddhi Yoga helps people to breaks the shekels of limited way of thinking and make them realize what their true potential is. “It is about nurturing them in those areas where they are weak, and make them stronger,” Meera states.

There are 200 hours and 300 hours courses offered by the institute. For 200 hours, the team focuses on a safe and gentle approach in the first week and work with different joints to help them do the asanas step by step. After evaluating the strengths and the weaknesses, a yoga sequence is planned so that everyone can participate in as after environment. While 200 hours course starts from USD 1297 depend on early bookings, the 300 hours starts from USD 1760. For Indian nationals there is an additional INR 5000 discount. “40 percent of our students come from word of mouth. So far, we are able to achieve 99.99 percent satisfaction and delivered the best value for money,” Meera smiles.

Summing up, Siddhi Yoga can be deemed as an institute that offers yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops in some of East Asia’s most beautiful and sacred places. From the crystallized mountaintops of Dharmasala, India to the warm, sandy beaches of Bali, Indonesia, Siddhi is a home for every yoga enthusiasts!

About The Founder
Meera Watts is A Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur And Mom. Her Writing On Yoga And Holistic Health Has Appeared In Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, Omtimes And Others. She’s Also The Founder And Owner Of Siddhi Yoga International, A Yoga Teacher Training School Based In Singapore. Siddhi Yoga Runs Intensive, Residential Trainings In India (Rishikesh, Goa And Dharamshala), Indonesia (Bali) And Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Why Siddhi Yoga?
Siddhi Yoga’s Foundation Is A Healing-Focused Therapeutic Technique And Workout Program Based On Proper Alignment, Anatomical Awareness And Education. The 200 Courses By Siddhi Yoga Have Been Designed With A Clear Understanding Of The Level Of Knowledge And Experience That Prospective Students Will Possess. The Programs Focus Primarily On Building Physical Strength, Meditation Sessions And Discourses On Yoga’s History, Styles And Benefits. They Balance The Learning Experience With Outdoor Excursions, Bonfires And Collective Prayer Sessions. The Program Also Extensively Covers Proper Teaching Techniques, How To Avoid Injuries, And How To Help Students Progress Effectively From Novice To A Professional Level