Sibia Medical Centre: Life-Saving Wellness No-Surgery Cardiac Treatment at Economical Cost

Dr. Sukhbindar Singh Sibia,Director & Senior Consultant Physician

Dr. Sukhbindar Singh Sibia

Director & Senior Consultant Physician

Not all cardiac problems demand surgery as a cure. The increase in modernized healthcare centres, who implement new techniques, has solved the difficulty of facing the fear, trauma and potential side-effects of conventional invasive and surgical treatments. Sibia Medical Centre is one such path-breaker that steers away from the typicality of the cardiac care industry that often suggests invasive & surgical treatments (bypass, angioplasty, stents), and has carved-out a niche for itself by providing daycare, life-saving non-invasive & non-surgical cardiac treatments. “Surgery should be the last option or done in an emergency care when other all ‘peaceful’ non-surgical treatments fail. These should be the alternative to healthy lifestyle,” asserts Dr. Sukhbindar Singh Sibia, Director & Senior Consultant Physician, Sibia Medical Centre.

This Ludhiana-based centre provides proven, safe, effective and comfortable treatment to diverse patients who are unfit for Angioplasty, Heart Stents and
Bypass Surgery and have failed repeated surgeries or who want to avoid these procedures for personal, cultural or economic reasons. This uniqueness has poised Sibia Medical Centre among the high-end International Healthcare centres that receive patients not only from India but across 33 more countries (including UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Iraq). Besides offering cutting-edge cardiovascular cartography diagnostic test (to map the actual blood flow to heart), U.S.-FDA approved EECP, ACAM (US)chelation therapy & more, Sibia also provides cardiac rehabilitation program that helps to prevent and reverse circulation related heart, cerebral, leg pain and erectile dysfunction diseases.

"Renowned for offering patient-friendly services, Sibia Medical Centre gives lunch break treatment where patient doesn’t need hospitalization or take leave from work"

Beyond the Limits
A pioneer in the truest sense, Sibia Medical Centre, since 1997, has been successfully performing kidney stone removal with Extra corporeal Shock-wave Lithotripsy, arthritis treatment and cancer tumor palliation via Cytotron regenerative & degenerative tissue engineering with Quantum Magnetic Resonance, back & cervical pain treatment through computerized spinal correction, enhance immunity and treat difficult infections with Ozone Therapy. Lately, Sibia Medical Centre has also added an
anti-aging and aesthetics section with IPL Laser for reduction of unwanted hair, acne, fine wrinkles, sunspots, freckles skin pigmentation & photo-rejuvenation and Zerona laser to slim-down and shape-up the body.

Renowned for offering patient-friendly services, Sibia Medical Centre gives lunch break treatment where patient doesn’t need hospitalization or take leave from work. Keen on spreading awareness among patients, the centre renders health education programs. “Our yardstick to success is to provide free service to those who cannot afford, pay as you afford to those who can afford less and we are successfully moving in that direction,” adjoins Dr. Sibia. No wonder, the centre has attained appreciation from Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, who praised it as one of the best centres for effective non-surgical treatments.

Producing a Green Medical Centre
Believing that patients’ satisfaction is the key to attain more patients, Sibia Medical Centre follows a step-by-step protocol from patient entry into reception to treatment. “We grow our own oxygen with indoor plants and suggest patients to do the same to improve their health. We intend to have our own water source from atmosphere and a solar plant to produce our own electricity,” asserts Dr. Sibia. With its good will, the centre wishes to break the barrier that even difficult life threatening diseases can have safe, simple economical treatment options and take Sibia Medical Centre to other parts of India and abroad.