SHPL: All-in-One Comprehensive Healthcare Management Solutions Provider

Dr. Shravan Khetan,   DirectorThe global healthcare consulting services market is projected to reach $41.2 billion by 2026 from an estimated $23.9 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 11.5 percent, as per MarketsandMarkets study. Some of the main issues the healthcare sector is facing in India include uneven distribution of healthcare facilities, a scarcity of healthcare experts, and restricted access to healthcare facilities. In order to assist hospitals and wellness businesses succeed in today’s competitive environment, SHPL offers 360-degree hospital management solutions. The company works to free doctors from the responsibilities of hospital administration so they can concentrate on their practices.

Range of Solutions
SHPL offers a variety of services, such as business consulting, brand consulting, patient experience improvement, and growth strategy. Furthermore, the firm has used cutting-edge technology to assist healthcare organizations in staying current with trends and new approaches. This involves integrating hospital operations with tech, creating patient apps, adopting digital tracking for PROs, improving record-keeping, and making smart use of social media platforms and communication tools like WhatsApp.

KPK Pharmacy, which operates around the clock, seven days a week, is also run by SHPL. The pharmacy is seeking to broaden the scope of operations and expand the lateral outreach. Furthermore, through
a subsidiary company, SHPL offers investment options in excellent initiatives. The firm’s dedication to promoting ventures with significant growth and profitability potential is unwavering.

“Our team provides a comprehensive suite of services. Our efforts have facilitated better management, improved patient experiences, fostered stronger relationships with doctors, elevated brand positioning, and facilitated collaboration with other medical services”, shares Dr. Shravan Khetan, Director, SHPL.

One of the key USPs of SHPL is that all the services offered under the SHPL banner are managed by an inhouse team, consisting of highly experienced individuals in the healthcare sector. The organization’s unique selling points (USPs) are diversified and extensive. With deep family roots in healthcare and business, the core team possesses an inherent business acumen that aids in the development of effective strategies and abilities for navigating the complexity of the corporate world.

The team envisions shpl to be The equivalent of oyo in the Healthcare industry, expanding Nationwide & catalyzing a Transformative shift in healthcare, Setting new benchmarks globally

It is worth noting that our inhouse staff oversees practically all of our services, including commercial space interior design, legal procedures, recruitment, pharmacy, and marketing. Our holistic strategy ensures that SHPL can provide the highest degree of quality and experience in all aspects of our management to our clients. SHPL is the only healthcare management consulting firm whose team is open to examining investment opportunities in the healthcare sector as long as they line with the firm’s investment criteria and meet the high standards for quality and impact in healthcare management.

Future Plans
“We envision SHPL to be the equivalent of Oyo in the healthcare industry, expanding nationwide and catalyzing a transformative shift in healthcare, setting new benchmarks globally”, further adds Dr. Shravan. With such high goals in sight, SHPL is working on two cutting-edge initiatives that seek to support the healthcare sector at the perimeter. In the first project, a huge laundry facility will be built in a Tier-III city to serve healthcare facilities, and in the second, a cloud kitchen will be built to meet the dietary requirements of hospital personnel and patients. With the launch of these two initiatives and many others which remain in the brainstorming phase, SHPL will also launch into new strata of achievement and growth.