Shathayu Ayurveda: Leveraging Ayurveda to Alleviate the Patient's Pain

Swathi Patil,Medical Marketing
Swathi Patil, Medical Marketing

It’s a story of every Indian household; be it a normal headache or a joint pain, we take a painkiller. While we are obsessed with painkillers which give us instant relief, but in the long run, we rush towards eradication. Pain pills are becoming a major cause of addiction and death by overdose. As pain is not passably controlled by the allopathic treatment, it’s the use of potent conventional medicines that can win the race.

At the beginning of the 19th century when the use of these deadly medicines was snowballing and Ayurveda was not so prominent, the legendary Vidya Ratna Ramayya Swamy established Shathayu Ayurveda in 1901 with a vision to bring Ayurveda into Indian System of Medicine. Under the mantle of third-generation entrepreneur, Dr. Mruthyunjaya Swamy (Director, Shathayu Ayurveda) the clinic was exalted into an avant-garde centre in 2010 to meet the modern-day demands. Outclassing the competition with its holistic view (incorporating several therapeutic procedures and behavioural modifications under the basic principles of Ayurveda), today Shathayu is recognised as a
premier wellness destination for all those seeking healing in the best of the completeness at every level - physical, mental & spiritual.

"Shathayu is a pioneer in promoting research & evidence-based Ayurvedic treatments that are simple, practical and customized while focusing on prevention and wellness"

Holistic Treatment
Shathayu provides the breadth of recommendations and treatment necessary for making significant progress with natural healthcare therapies. Shathayu’s systematic relaxation techniques, massages and pain relieving treatments help in effective pain management. The treatments include Abhyanga Massage, Patra Pinda Sweda, Mardana with Sweda, Abhyanga & Pariseka, SSPS (Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda), and many more. These treatments involve the use of specific medicated oils followed by steam over the pressure points coupled with a decoction of herbs which helps in reducing muscular aches & pains. For instance, the Kati/Greeva/Janu Basti treatment involves the use of warm medicated oils that lubricate the joints and invigorate the local marmas (vital points), thereby relieving pain & swelling. This treatment is one of the most popular Ayurveda treatments for back pain, neck pain, knee/joint pain & osteoarthritis.

Shathayu offers these treatments along with products at its chain of wellness centres worldwide. It has well-established clinics in Bangalore & Hyderabad and also has international wellness centres in Houston & Texas (U.S.) and
Perth (Australia). All of these centres are armed with a competent team of doctors and well-trained therapists who serve thousands of people and bring them to the path of total wellness.

Shathayu is a pioneer in promoting research & evidenc1e-based Ayurvedic treatments that are simple, practical and customized while focusing on prevention and wellness. Having state-of-the-art facilities and R&D, the centre manufactures medicines & oils for the treatments in-house, while following the specific protocols for various ailments and strict quality control measures. In fact, till date, it has developed more than 140 formulations with more to come.

Beyond Pain
This comprehensive healthcare centre also offers preventive therapies that include Udvarta/Utsaadana, Taila Pariseka/Pizichil (oil bath), Navarakizhi (SSPS), and Abhyanga & Patrapinda Sweda. These treatments are offered for weight loss, stress management, and many other diseases alongside Alankara (beauty treatments). The treatments are based on the concept of Panchakarma and help to restore the balance between mind & body and strengthen the immune system. “Our Rejuvenation is a classical Ayurvedic therapy to renew body’s vitality to its complete capacity, thereby promoting a long-lasting wellness,” says Dr. Swathi Patil, Medical Marketing, Shathayu Ayurveda. Thanks to these exemplary treatments, the clinic was bestowed with ‘Franchisor of the year 2015’ award.