Setu India: Bridging the Gap between your Body and its Nutritional Needs

Nihaal Mariwala,  FounderWith a selfprofessed mission to address the health problems faced by millennials on the corporate hamster wheel, Setu was founded by Nihaal Mariwala in September 2017. In the two years since its launch, the brand has worked on carrying forward the legacy of the Mariwala family and the OmniActive group in the nutrition and healthcare space. Nihaal's mission for Setu India is to capitalise on the gap in the Indian market for a consumer friendly dietary supplement brand that speaks the language of the millennials and helps them with modern day healthcare concerns.

"My family has been in the business of purchasing and trading natural extracts for a very long time. I came across this concept of digital wellness when I was in USA tending to our family business. Having worked closely with many brands in the US, I started to notice a gap in the Indian market for a relatable yet efficacy oriented brand to come in and shake the status quo currently dominated by the bigpharma and Ayurveda companies. So, I decided to launch Setu as a means to spin a modern take on the ailments that a high octane modern lifestyle brings by sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients, backed by extensive research and patented formulations," voices Nihaal on the idea behind his brand.
Setu - What do we do?
As the kaleidoscopic chaos of modern urban life takes its toll on millennials, Setu heralds in a solution by bridging the gap between modern health problems and science with nature inspired formulations. Created by millennials for millennials, Setu India's dietary supplements are built on a solid bedrock of innovation, creativity and premium quality. The brand is not just a platform that formulates and sells dietary products, but is also the cool nutritional coach that wants you to be your body's best friend forever.

The brand has a diverse roster of single and multi ingredient formulations to meet your body's many needs. Each product is designed by keeping in mind the many challenges that our modern lifestyles pose."Modern lifestyles come with their own set of challenges, including indiscriminate exposure to digital screens, stress, irregular diet and sleep patterns, leading to a number of ailments such as visual fatigue, poor immunity and diabetes. This is where Setu comes in with its range of health supplements that merge potency with the care that nurtures and charges the body for the hyper life of today," elaborates Nihaal.

Tackling Challenges and Competition The nutrition and wellness industry has been growing quite rampantly. The increasing consciousness about the benefits of including nutritional and dietary supplements in one's daily routine has enticed many aspiring businesses into entering this space. In order to stay ahead of the curve, Setu focuses on creating highly absorbable supplements backed by intense rounds of research. In the short span of two years, the company has gained immense traction and appreciation for their product quality, and has witnessed a year on year boom. "It would not be wrong to say that the challenges turned out to be our biggest strength. They compelled us to stretch ourselves to give out more than a 100 percent and deliver best in class probiotics, quality weight management products and superior detox and visual care supplements,"says Nihaal.

The Road Ahead
Nihaal's expertise has helped the label carve a niche for itself in the dietary needs of young Indians. Setu intends to further scale its relevance in the near future. The brand aims to launch more products of the highest order by constantly meeting the needs of clients and transforming their lives. "I see Setu eventually growing to be the premier brand of choice for the healthcare needs of the average urban Indian. Setu is also looking to eventually offer guidance and counselling on nutrition, wellness and fitness for its consumers through access to a dedicated content platform that exclusively addresses modern health issues with natural ingredients," explains Nihaal.