Sanela Technologies: Experts Providing Unique Healthcare Services

Karun Veligeti,Co-Founder & CEO

Karun Veligeti

Co-Founder & CEO

The growth of LIMS over the past decade is humongous. It has become an integral part of various industries like healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and chemical irrespective of their size. The usage of LIMS in laboratories integrates most of the laboratory processes, hence reducing time and effort. Laboratory Information Management Systems are the software tools that help automate the collection and management of the data generated in a laboratory. Sanela Technologies is a combined team of technologists that improve healthcare delivery by providing software solutions for clinicians, hospitals and pharmacies. Headquartered in Hyderabad, specialised in healthcare, hospital management system, hospital management software, and LIMS software.

Laboratory plays an important role in diagnosing and understanding diseases. Digital technologies can help the laboratories to become more efficient and scalable. The technology can further assist in bringing the results quickly and accurately to the patient and healthcare providers. More over digitized reports can save enormous time for physicians. Sanela Technologies provides a state of art technology with scalable, configurable, secure care management platform to enable physicians and medical professionals. Sanela Technologies builds software's that improves hospital's operational efficiency and better experiences for patients with an approach through AI enabled diagnostics. The organisation has
developed a highly secured patient records system with state of the art encryption technologies. LIMS can be used along with the company's EHR solution to maintain patient's records. The organisation's MySanela mobile app allows patients to view and manage their records online. Today's laboratories require a high degree of electronic reliance and digitalization. A good laboratory information management system does more than simply acquire, analyse and manage the data. It helps to run the operations seamlessly. Sanela has developed a comprehensive diagnostic and laboratory information system with the entire process automated to efficiently capture the results with no manual errors. The organisation has a system where the reports are sent digitally to both patients and physicians. Sanela LIMS can be used for both independent laboratories and franchise model laboratories. Both flavours can be customized to suit the size of the customer's facility. It can be effectively used for the management of both single and multi-location laboratory setups. "Our other products such as Hospital Management Software, Pharmacy and Patient portal are well connected to have an integrated experience throughout the ecosystem." says Karun Veligeti, Co-Founder and CEO, Sanela Technologies.

Sanela Technologies builds software's that improves hospital's operational efficiency and better experiences for patients with an approach through AI enabled diagnostics

LIMS is one of the Sanela Technologies products that is built using robust and latest technologies. The organisation's features are such as Patient Registration and Management, Patient Billing, Automated Communication with Patients, Sample Management, Inventory Management, Outsourcing Services, Online Appointment Booking and Reports. The organisation's leadership team has experience working in reputed companies like LinkedIn, Google, Tech Mahindra, and Accenture. Sanela Technologies encourages employees to be bold and open to build great things by taking risks and creating innovative solutions. The firm launched the product to market twelve months back, since then we have successfully installed the products in more than 200 locations. To name a few, Sanela's products are being used at MyLabs India Medical Services, ISRO Shar Hospitals and at many more major hospitals across India. The organisation is working on AI based preventive and care management tools to help patients and healthcare providers. Apart from the current product line like HMS, LIMS, Dental and Pharmacy Retail, Sanela Technologies is also bringing cloud based offerings for both clinic and laboratory partners. The organisation's flagship app MySanela is coming up with more patient centric features to help manage their wellbeing. Stay tuned.