Samyak Yoga: Sculpturing Yogis & Yoginis of Tomorrow

Yogacharya Rakesha Shivarama & Yogacharya Arvind Prasad,Founder DirectorsLocated on the banks of the river Cauvery (the Ganges of South India), on the outskirts around 20 km away from Mysore towards Bangalore, Samyak Yoga is a renowned institute for yogic learning and meditation. The institute is a place exclusively built for those yoga practitioners who want to completely transmute into professional Yoga teachers enriched with traditional Yoga practice. Hugging the river, surrounded by a fresh pure environment outside the city, equipped with beautiful & serene accommodations, healthy yogic food with ayurvedic tinch, and intensive & comprehensive Yoga teaching, portrays Samyak Yoga as a uniquely infrastructured Yogic learning and teaching centre.

The Perfect Yoga Learning Destination

Popularly known as Mysore Yoga Ashram, Samyak Yoga Ashram is founded by Yogacharya Rakesha Shivarama and Yogacharya Arvind Prasad (Founder Directors). The Ashram is led by a team of four main teachers having profound background of Yogic monastery education in Veda Vijnana Gurukulam under the guidance of Guruji Dr. Ramachandra Bhat in South India, and the founders hold M.Sc. in Yoga & Culture from S Vyasa University, Bangalore.

Conceptualizing Yoga training for people with sufficient Yoga practice (of around a year and above), Samyak Yoga provides a structured
Yoga teacher training course of mainly 200 hours and 300 hours focusing on three Yoga styles – Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga. The centre helps Yoga practitioners in exploring the traditional ways of asana-pranayama-kriya-dhyana-bandha practices. It practices with Yoga anatomy and group classes to train them on how to teach (various age-groups) with elements such as voice modulation, positioning, art of hands-on adjustments, variations to be offered, design Yoga Class modules, anatomical and psychological aspects of practice and teaching. These students even teach yoga to small groups, whose feedback play an instrumental role in building finely carved Yoga professionals, infrastructure and even the team. Further, providing Yoga Alliance (U.S.) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (U.K.) certified yoga courses empower students to register with these bodies post the completion of their courses and start their own yoga studios.

Samyak Yoga provides a structured Yoga teacher training course of mainly 200 hours and 300 hours focusing on Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga

To ensure every student gets the required attention, the institute limits its student intake to 24 every batch. “We have 18 rooms (single and shared accommodation) for our students, and limiting the number helps us know every student’s strength & weakness, and how to improve them,” assert the duo. To ensure good health of its Yoga students at the centre, Samyak Yoga has in-house chefs who prepare traditional Indian food with yogic/ayurvedic touch, and western cuisine, thus maintaining a good balance of tongue and health.

En Route to Future

Having successfully trained 1100+ students from over 80 countries and creating professional Yoga teachers in places like France, Bali, Dharamsala (North India), Mysore & Kerala (South India), and Cambodia, Samyak Yoga Community has been profoundly growing by inspiring people to embrace Yoga with Love and Light. This 2011 established Yoga institute is vested with various awards like Certificate of Excellence 2019 by Trip Advisor, Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Center-2019 by Orchid in Kolkata, followed by continuous best ratings for its quality programmed courses and professionalism. Additionally, Smayak Yoga also runs a small gurukul where it provides free education to girls. In the years to come, it wants to transform into a hub for Yoga, Ayurveda and Indic Sciences, apart from having a full-fledged centre for Reiki training.