Saatviki Counselling: Promoting Mental Well-being through Innovative Services

  Mona Jaruhar,     FounderIn an increasingly fast-paced and stressful world, the importance of mental well-being cannot be overstated. In recent years, the mental health therapy field has experienced trends like heightened awareness, changing lifestyle, technological advancements, preventive care demands, competition, specialization, cultural competency, workplace initiatives, and evidence-based practices. The mental health therapy field faces challenges related to service shortages, stigma, work life imbalance, burnout, psychological issues, and the impact of COVID-19. Saatviki Counselling addresses these challenges through team expansion, stigma reduction, therapist support, maintaining positive mental health and adapting to the pandemic at personal and social level. As a reputed counselling service provider, Saatviki Counselling offers a comprehensive range of services for individuals and groups and are known for their effectiveness and efficiency in promoting mental well-being.

A Multifaceted Approach
Saatviki Counselling initially focused its services to individuals, families and schools in Bangalore but expanded to serve corporate clients under part time services to IT companies like Paramantra, Cimani Solutions, ECreate in Bangalore. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a shift to a hybrid offline and online modes, with online counselling becoming popular. However post pandemic around 70 percent of cases conducted are offline, particularly in Bangalore where face to-face sessions are
preferred. Saatviki Counselling's adaptability allows them to meet diverse client needs. They have provided counselling services to approximately 11,000 individuals and groups over eight years and have implemented outreach programs for vulnerable populations. “As the founder of Saatviki Counselling, I strongly believe in the power of collaboration and compassion. Through our outreach initiatives, we join hands with others agencies to support mental wellness of homeless children and provide counselling to elderly residents in old age homes. We offer these services free of charge, driven by our unwavering commitment to promote mental well-being beyond our regular clientele”, says Mona Jaruhar, Founder, Saatviki Counselling.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Saatviki Counselling played a crucial role by offering free counselling services in the popular 'Manodarpan' a toll-free helpline under Government of India initiative. Mona Jaruhar actively participated in the 'Sahyog' program official you tube channel, NCERT through various interactive program to support mental well-being during and after covid pandemic.

The increased demand for counselling shed light on the widespread prevalence of anxiety, depression, stress, phobia, relationship issues and other psychological distress. Saatviki Counselling's dedication to supporting individuals of all age groups and their collaborations with various organizations demonstrated their commitment to fostering mental well-being. They provide a comprehensive range of counselling services, including individual, family, couples, and group counselling, both online and offline. “At Saatviki Counselling, we believe in empowering individuals to find their own strength and resilience. Through guidance, support, and fostering self-reliance, we embody a holistic approach to counselling. Our aim is to ignite the inner power within each person, enabling them to navigate life's challenges with confidence and embrace their journey towards holistic well-being”, mentions Mona.

Future Roadmap
With the growing awareness of mental health, Saatviki Counselling foresees increased accessibility and acceptance of their counselling services. They plan to offer group orientation programs to school and college level students in Bangalore and outstations. Adapting to the digital landscape, Saatviki Counselling has successfully integrated online counselling, ensuring convenience and availability for clients. Their innovative services cater to the unique needs of individuals and groups, prioritizing quick recovery and utilizing a combination of online and offline sessions. Through outreach programs and active participation during the pandemic, Saatviki Counselling has demonstrated their dedication to promoting mental well-being. Client satisfaction remains their focus as they continue to provide effective counselling sessions for individuals, couples, and families, supporting long-term well-being.